Bodhgaya Biennale, 2018

Bodhgaya Biennale, by Bodhgaya Biennale Team

The event happens every two years at Bodhgaya and that is why it is called 'Biennale'. The concept of Biennale started from Venice. It was done first time in India as Kochi Biennale in Kerela. Bodhgaya Biennale is Bihar's first Biennale and India's second. Bodhgaya Biennale started its journey from year 2016. Bodhgaya Biennale 2018 was on with the theme of 'Migration'. Each person around the globe faces migration in some way or the other. Be it their inner migration or outer migration. Making a big event like Biennale in a small place like Bodhgaya is challenging as well as appreciable task. Carrying on the journey of two years, the theme of Biennale always relates to the life of Buddha. The theme of first Biennale, that was - 'Urgency of Peace' and this Biennale - 'Migration', dealt with the life of Buddha as his whole life was migration. His journey from Siddharta to Buddha was both- crave for peace and migration. This year it was held from 16th to 23rd December 2018.

Director of Bodhgaya Biennale, Vinay Kumar, sees this Biennale as a remarkable event in the coming 10 years. This Biennale was supported by Canvas, Cineyatra, Films Division, Government of Bihar and many more.

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