International Conference on E- Governance and Education (ICEGE-2019)“Transforming Lives for E- Living”

A thought provoking two day International Conference on E-Governance and Education was organized by Amity Institute of Education, AUUP  on 11th and 12thJanuary  at 1-2 Moot Court Amity University.The presence of  leading academicians  researchers and budding entrepreneurs from all around the world to share their views and opinions on all aspects of the theme  made the event a grand one .The concept noteof the conference was presented by Prof  Alka Muddgal, Head, AIE-AUUP who highlightedthe need for  e-governance for   e-living . Prof. Balvinder Shukla (ViceChancellor AUUP) congratulated the organizing team for organizing the international conference. She expressed her hopes that the digital world will provide solutions in improving the quality of life. Prof. Chandra BhushanSharma, Chairman, NIOS,MHRDin his address focused on the two aspects - technology and education He added how technology today has replaced the place of Guru and  a person today need to become an e-person to be a successful person. He stressed on the need for using the digital technology for equalizing opportunities and mentioned the  recent initiative of Govt of India - MOOC and Swayam   for providing equitable platforms for all  providing information free of cost ,thus transforming lives for e-living. His Excellence Hector Cueva, Ambassador of Ecuador in India, shared his views about knowledgeable and innovative Indians who can contribute for adoptable, adaptable and accessible technology . He shared how the Indian people are making optimum usage of available technology in better functioning of hospital , laboratory and pharmacyof the world . Sh. Debabrata Nayak, Additional Director, NeGD, MeitY, GOI, sharedhis views about digi-locker where all the ID documents can be kept safe to avoid any duplicacy and mishandling. Prof. Ekkarin Sungtong, Dean  Faculty of Education, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand,  through  video message expressed his feelings for the conference and that how e-goverance is going to be useful for e-living .The conference received valuable inputs from Mr. Vimal Manchanda, COO,Samvardhana Motherson Health Solutions Limited . He stated that technology must be visualized as an enabler and not a threat to governance.

Prof.Gabrielle Malfatti, University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A , in her talk shared that the new generation is wired with ‘ keyboard intelligence’ and to meet the needs of this generation and prepare them for e living we need to work towards ‘ comprehensive internationalization’ which calls for commitment confirmed through action. Teachers and students both need to be global players.Video message by Don Passey, Prof. of Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University discussed the  use of technology  for digital inclusion and several possibilities and challenges of E living was visualized as a consequence of technological advancements whereby the barriers of time , place,age, teaching , learning will  be mitigated and the world will move to digital inclusion. Further Dr. Ranjana Bhatia addressed the gathering with the following quote “Transparency is the only way for e-governance” and “e-governance is the only way to move from good governance to proactive people’s governance”.  Inaugural session concluded with the release of Conference Proceedings followed with  Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Rasna Sehrawat,Conference Secretary, Faculty, AIE-AUUP.

The post lunch session of the day witnessed active participation of eminent educationists from different domains of education as panelists during the Panel Discussion on “Envisioning Nav Bharat Yuva Bharat by 2022: Building empowered learning communities through E-living”. Prof. Harjeet   Kaur Bhatia, Department of Educational Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia beautifully deliberated on all the key terms of the session and talked about empowerment leading to positive freedom .Ms.Shruti  Arora, President at Confederation of Education Excellence and Director Econs Profit Solutions discussed about the role the teachers to correlate e-learning with real life for the future students who will occupy all the positions in the coming year. Dr. Suneel K.Thakur  TEQIP- Cordinator and Head,Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, Rajiv Gandhi Government Engineering College, Himachal Pradesh shared his views to overcome the problem of delivering information to students remotely across several locations , the issue of shortage of teachers , the issue of slow internet which is solved  with launch of digital courses that can runon slow internet , the issue of accessibility of learning resources for students appearing for competitive exams. Dr. Kim Siegenthaler, University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A. called upon the participants and presenters attention to fake news , and to be wise and cautious in the digital drive .Dr.Indu Kumar, Head, CIET, NCERT moderated  the session and concluded that technology must be applied in an intelligent manner in all fields. Technology is a complement for teachers and not her replacement. First Day of the International Conference got the wind up through mesmerizing cultural performances of AIE students depicting the existence of cultural diversity   in India.

The second Day culminated with Workshop on “Spectrum of e-learning” conducted by Resource people from University of Missouri, Columbia emphasizing upon different modes of transactions & knowledge disseminations through technology.

Post lunch was followed with number of plenary sessions, where participants presented their research work followed with discussions.

Prof. Amarendra Behera, Joint Director, CIET, NCERT graced the valedictory ceremony and distributed certificates to all the paper presenters. The two day conference got concluded with the speech from Prof. Amarendra Behera followed with Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Seema Agnihotri, Faculty, AIE-AUUP.


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