Amity & LSE organised Dr. Edgar Whitley's Lecture

Amity Business School, NOIDA in association with London School of Economics, continuing the Lecture Series organised the lecture by Dr. Edgar Whitley. Topic of the discussion was "INTERNET JURISDICTION AND GLOBALISATION".

Main point of discussion was: What is the state of globalisation within the circumference of jurisdiction?

Lecture got an overwhelming response and was attended by various Corporates, Students, Professors, Amity Business School & London School of Economics' Alumnis etc. The lecture took place in India International Centre. Dr. Edgar Whitley spoke on various things, some of them were were:

Does cyber laws really exist?
Pros n cons of the cyber law.
Cyber Space Generations (I,II,III)
Laws Cultural Norms, Markets have crossed the National Boundaries
State Law restrict you somewhere but in Cyber Lawstate Law does not exist
Regulatory Pattern, a new phenomena which has evolved
According to IT one regulation has many users and one user has many regulations
Now regulation has become a commodity as IT means differently to different people

After the lecture, people asked many questions pertaining to IT, like- Does Regulatory Patterning herald the start of the new understanding of the footprints of regulation??

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