Students of ASET visits Indraprastha Biodiversity Park and Okhla Bird Sanctuary

As part of Eco–Club, ASET Activities for the year 2010-2011, a trip to Indraprastha Biodiversity Park and Okhla Bird Sanctuary was organized for forty seven students members of first year under the guidance of the Chairperson of the club Dr.Bijaylaxmi Panda and three Faculty Coordinators, Dr.Shailja Vohra, Dr. Smitha S. Kumar and Dr.Nidhi Gaba on 24th Feb 2010.

The visit started off at 10.30 AM from the premises of Amity University, Sector-125, Noida. The students were briefed before the commencement of the trip and given a Questionnaire, each having a set of ten questions based on Environment, Biodiversity conservation and awareness. They were asked to answer the questions during the trip and hand over the questionnaire back for which there would be a lucky draw for those having answered maximum number of questions correctly.

The team reached the biodiversity park at 11.15 AM. The students then set off for the park. They explored the park with all flora and fauna in full bloom owing to the spring season and spent about two and half hours in the park and set out for okhla bird sanctuary.

The team reached the bird sanctuary around 2.30 PM. The guard accompanied the students and faculties. All team members then set out on foot with him for a stretch of about half an hour in the Yamuna swamps to reach the tree-house (machan) from where the students could view different and beautiful species of birds gathering on the Yamuna water. The students used high powered binoculars provided by the guard for the purpose.The place was very green and serene, an ideal abode for birds chirping here and there freely. The students spent around one and half hours in the sanctuary stopping at different points for better views with lot of exciment.

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