Frans Johansson is the author of The Medici Effect which was named one of the 10 best business books by Amazon and has been translated into 17 languages. Recognized as a thought leader on the topics of innovation and diversity, Frans founded the Innovation Experience to provide a unique learning experience for those ready to embrace the lessons of his bestseller.

Frans has an MBA from Harvard Business School and BS from Brown University. Also, he was the founder of a software company and a medical device company. A dynamic and passionate leader and thinker, Johansson has worked extensively on practical innovation with companies like Sprint Nextel, Nike, Pepsi, General Motors, SAAB, Motorola, IBM, EDS.
AMITY is the official academic partner for this event.

AGBS students of AMITY, Mumbai had an interactive session with Frans, the management guru on the 25th may, 2010 at The Leela, Mumbai. All types of individuals attended the public innovation experience. People from all over the industry provided with their own views and experiences.
The Innovation Experience is geared toward all middle and senior level executives, C-level executives, bureaucrats, government employees, NGOs, academic community, entrepreneurs, strategic leaders, and other enterprising visionaries driven to improve business by bravely exploring the limits of their own creativity.

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