1st June, Tuesday morning – and the Ahmedabad campus was abuzz with activity. After all, this was the FIRST Concluding Ceremony of the FIRST batch MBA passing out of AGBS Ahmedabad, with many AWARDS to be given. Students could not wait to learn - if only they would be the lucky ones!

The entrance to the campus was decorated with a beautiful Rangoli (a colourful floor painting) and all students were welcomed with a Tilak and Rose by sari-clad junior girl students. After registering for the Ceremony and entering their contact details in the Alumnii database, the students proceeded for lunch and had a great time devouring the Punjabi delicacies. The entire staff including visiting faculty joined for lunch.

The Concluding Ceremony began on time, with the timely arrival of the distinguished senior team members from Noida – our Guests of Honour being Dr Sanjay Srivastava, Director General, ABS and Mr U Ramachandran, Head of AGBS campuses across India.

It is a tradition of AGBS Ahmedabad events to do something different and creative –and so it was this time as well – both at the start of the event and towards its conclusion.
No sooner than everybody was seated in the seminar hall, the lights darkened, and Anand ran a nostalgic video, Walking Down Memory Lane, capturing wonderful events of last 2 year’s journey of AGBS since its genesis - to the Concluding Ceremony of the first batch, ....a direct fructification of the Vision, Mission and Junoon of our respected Founder Dr.Ashok Chauhan and Mr. Atul Chauhan.

The EMCEE for the event, Ms. Swati Dasgupta, welcomed the guests with bouquets and started out by saying that “graduation is a concept. In real life every day you graduate. It is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you are sure to make a difference.”

Mr.Manish Dholakia, the Dean of Ahmedabad campus delivered the welcome address. Pointing out that the awarding of the PG MBA Degree from Amity signified a milestone moment in students’ lives, he urged the first Alumnii batch of 2010, to make the transition from a student mindset to an adult mindset – to get out of their comfort zones, be flexible and courageous to take on challenges in their new roles as Employees and Managers in the corporate world. Mr Dholakia touched upon the importance of sheer performance, of being most humble and ethical, as they keep climbing the corporate ladders of power. He wished them all the best for proving to be the true brand ambassadors of Amity, somebody whom their Alma Mater can be proud of, in times to come.

Dr Sanjay Srivastava, Mr U Ramachandran and Mr Manish Dholakia then gave away the certificates to all the outgoing students, amidst incessant clapping.
We had the privilege of being audience to Dr Sanjay Srivastava’s and Mr U Ramachandran’s concluding ceremony talk.

Mr Ramachandran conveyed the blessings of our respected founder president Dr. Ashok K Chauhan and respected president Mr. Atul Chauhan to each and every passing out students of MBA 2010 Batch and motivated the students, asked them to work hard and welcome new challenges, citing examples of his own growth story, of setting up new AGBS campuses – and almost overnight, the dream became reality. Working almost round the clock, with a readiness to travel extensively and a great passion to make the impossible, possible. He touched upon the importance of multi-tasking, and the readiness to make personal and family sacrifices…and as Amitians, to differentiate themselves from being ordinary managers to becoming great leaders.

A most touching speech rendered by Dr.Sanjay Srivastava, who pointed out that apart from career challenges, managing crucial social events in one’s life – like marriage – was also equally important. He brought awareness that it is these batch-friendships, which are life-long assets for the students, as they would learn in years to come. He asked the students if they would give him one thing as Guru Dakshina….’never marginalize your parents’ and we had a great clap for our parents. The students turned somber as they took the Amity Oath under the direction of Dr Srivastava.
The impact of the combination of both their address to the students, was a wealth of treasure, gems of learnings from decades of experience, astute mentoring and blessings – it was an experience which the faculty and students alike, found to be too precious and challenging to be expressed in words.

The event came to a close with a word of gratitude expressed by awardees, and the presentation of mementos to Dr Sanjay Srivastava and Mr U Ramachandran.
The outgoing students presented a unique gift to the Top management of Amity University - a golden BRICK, symbolizing a FOUNDATION stone … to be used for the upcoming Ahmedabad campus in future, in appreciation for the solid career foundation given to them by Amity ! ! !
Group photographs followed, as students embraced each other and took blessings of the Faculty for a bright future ahead…

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