Finalists of Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 2010 visit Amity University Campus

Despite summer break, Amity campus became vibrant and lively when 15 finalists of Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 2010 visited Amity University, Sector-125, Noida.

The entourage of the contestants included media from Hongkong which recorded each and every important moment of the visit and Mr. Erictsang -the great Star of Hongkong who is accompanying the girls during the tour.

The contestants- Ms. Alice Wong, Ms. Suyen Cheung, Ms. Janice Cheung, Ms. Connie Man, Ms. Lisa Ch’ng, Ms. Janice Lam, Ms. Krizia Ho, Ms. Phoebe Pang, Ms. Crystal Li, Ms. Queenie Ma, Ms. Elle Lee, Ms. Ria Tong, Ms. Toby Chan, Ms. Kitty Li and Ms. Sammi Cheung were cordially welcomed and garlanded by Ms. B Shukla- Pro Vice Chancellor (Academics) and Dr. Manohar Sajnani- Director, Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism.

The contestants were taken around the sprawling campus of Amity and were shown the state of the art infrastructure and facilities offered by the University. The contestants even walked the ramp exuding unparallel confidence, grace, finesse and gaiety. They interacted with some of the Amity students, who thronged the plaza to catch a glimpse of unparallel beauties.

Felicitating the finalists with mementoes, Dr. Manohar Sajnani said that it’s a proud moment not only for Amity but for the entire country for being the host to the finalists of such a reputed contest. It will boost the tourism and thereby, bonhomie between the two countries. He expressed his hope that the contestants had a good time in India and will always remember India as a country with unparallel aesthetic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The visit was coordinated by Mr. Sandeep Kapur- VP, Creative Travel India Private Limited.

Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant is one of the biggest events of Hong Kong that is held every year. TVB organizes this beauty pageant. Wai Yin Association is the organizer for all official contestants. Every year the finalists are taken to some other country for a week or so where their ability to go beyond their comfort zone is assessed. This time the pageant includes a travelogue on India from June 14 – June 20, 2010, wherein the finalists were apprised with the age old rich culture and traditions of India

The fifteen finalists, ranging between 20 to 27 years of age, visited various locations in India to showcase different facets of Indian life and national growth. The contestants were basically taken to three different cities of India-Delhi, Jaipur and Agra and were shown the main tourist attractions of these cities including Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Chandni Chowk, Iskon Temple etc. Small competitive events were organized at these places like “Preparing masala tea”, “Ironing of clothes”, “Dancing on Indian numbers” etc and these beauties were marked for their performance in different competitions. The contestants’ adaptability and patience was put to test at every stage during the tour. The Grand Finale of Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 2010 is scheduled on July 31, 2010 at Hong Kong.

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