Volunteers of Commonwealth Games being trained at Amity University

The countdown to Commonwealth Games has begun and the clock is ticking faster and faster. It’s a much awaited mega event. Each and every person associated with Commonwealth Games has to ensure that he/she does the best job possible so that entire world can proclaim XIXth Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi as the best ever.

As part of its nation building activities, Amity is proud to be chosen as the Official Trainer for 30, 000 volunteers and 2, 000 workforce the XIX Common Wealth Games. It is imperative that volunteers, who are the “Face of the Games”, are trained well in each and every aspect of the Games. It is with this commitment and a deep sense of pride that Amity has stepped forward and taken up this daunting challenge of training the volunteers and workforce.

More than 2, 000 students from Amity have been selected by the Organizing Committee to act as volunteers during the Games and over 310 students of Amity have already volunteered during the Test Events which precede the Commonwealth Games. About 70 students from Amity Institute of Physiotherapy and Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences are chosen and trained to act as Dope Control Officials during the Commonwealth Games. These students will be required by OC to conduct dope tests from July 3, 2010 onwards. The volunteers trained will be expected to work in any of 22 Functional Areas of OC namely Security, Media, Spectator Services, Sports, Accreditation etc. The volunteers will gain knowledge and experience which will add immensely to their skils set and competitiveness. “Amity believes in serving the humanity and the nation through education and empowerment of youth and volunteers training is the best means of realizing our mission”, says Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity.

“Every enterprise, be it industrial, commercial establishment or a philanthropic foundation or an NGO or anything else, is guided by the life mission of its promoters. I am through Amity trying to fulfil the mission of my life, i.e. to bring India in the first rank of the nations of the world as I firmly believe in the potential and capabilities of more than one billion Indians. I also want that our country should take a lead for bringing peace, harmony and brotherhood in the world. For this, we have to make our nation strong, we have to showcase our capacities and capabilities to the whole world and having all this in background as the basis, our Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) sponsored this training free of cost, i.e we are not charging anything for the training from the Organising Committee of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi and Amity Institute of Training & Development, Amity University is undertaking this mammoth task. We believe that Amity not only possesses the rich experience and vast resources at its disposal for such training but has also the uncompromising urge to train and develop the best volunteers who would in turn decide the success of the Games and the name and fame of our country would very much depend on their competence, their behaviour, their caring and sharing nature and their values and ethos which all is in the blood of every Amitian. Therefore, the volunteers who would come in contact with our trainers, would get training from us and breathe in the air of Amity, are going to imbibe all these qualities. We see this training as our determined contribution in pursuit of our mission and goal and we are doing this with full zeal”, says Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group.

Amity has a vast intellectual capital in the field of Management, Behavioral Science, Soft Skils, Psychology, Communication etc. and is well equipped to provide training to such a large number of volunteers. The trainers had to undergo rigorous Train the Trainer programme for five days conducted by our consortium partners. Amity has developed a state of the art Training Management System to manage the entire training where the students, trainers and people from administration can login. Automated SMS and e- mails are sent for informing the volunteers in addition to a call centre.

Amity has selected Event Knowledge Services (EKS) and Knowledge Systems & Solutions (KSS) from Europe and two more consortium partners one from Europe and one from USA to help it in designing the content of the training manual. These consortium partners have vast experience and knowledge of Content Development by their assignments for Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other multi-sporting events which have taken place worldwide. The training manual and contents is a joint effort of Amity and foreign consultants, which was finalized by the Organizing Committee.

There are four phases of volunteer training namely General Training, Role Specific Training, Venue Specific Training and Leadership Training. After attending General Training volunteers will be called for next phase of training which will be Role Specific Training, followed by Venue Specific training to be imparted at various games venues. The leaders chosen amongst these volunteers will have to undergo the leadership training at Amity. The General Training, which is of one day, will be finished by August 15, 2010. Role Specific Training (half a day) of over 22, 000 volunteers, will start from July 1 and will finish by August end. Venue Specific Training (half a day) of all 30, 000 volunteers will start from August 1, 2010 at various stadiums and will finish by September 15, 2010

The training modules have been very carefully designed to meet the requirement during the games. The General Training itself is divided into 8 sessions providing comprehensive details on the background of the CWG, Heritage of Delhi, Workforce operations, Accreditation process for different groups, Conflict Resolution and the importance of Communication, Choosing the right words, Adaptability, Energy, Enthusiasm, Enjoyment, Personal dedication etc.

Amity is providing the best of its facilities to all the volunteers. A shuttle service comprising of 8 buses is provided from Botanical Garden Metro Station to the campus and back to help volunteers reach the venue on time, which is as early at 8 am. The volunteers are served tea with snacks four times a day plus lunch without any charge.

There are ten terminals which have been put up for online registration , attendance and photography of the volunteers.As soon as the volunteers register, they are issued identity cards. The training is conducted in fully Air-Conditioned buildings with 100% power back up facility. We have the best auditoriums, class rooms and technology to deliver the training content in an immaculate manner. The classrooms are fully equipped with high tech Audio/ Video Systems, Cordless Mikes, White Boards and laser pointers.

The training sessions are very interactive, volunteers are encouraged to clear their doubts during the question and answer sessions. The content delivered is an amalgamation of theory and practical. In order to connect all the Indians to pledge their support for Common Wealth Games, Amity has also launched a website

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