Prof. Satyendra Tripathy, Sulabh International delivers lecture at Amity School of Rural Management

Prof. Satyendra Tripathy, Pro Vice Chancellor, Sulabh International Academy of Environmental Sanitation & Public Health, New Delhi delivered lecture on “Dynamics of Development in Rural Communities” at C-Block, Amity School of Rural Management on August 02, 2010.

Prof. Satyendra Tripathy addressed the students of MBA (Rural Management) and MBA (Urban Management). According to Prof. Tripathi the traditional societies are characterized by pre-dominance of astrictive particularistic and diffused pattern. These societies are static, simple, homogeneous, closed dominated by customs and with primitive agrarian economy. Whereas, the modern societies are characterized by pre-dominance of universalistic specific and achievement norms, high degree of mobility, a developed occupational system relatively insulated from other structures, class system based on achievement, presence of functionally specific non-ascriptive structure. They also represent rationality, industrial urbanism, complex structure and elaborate institutional framework with rationalistic and positive spirit. He also said that development was necessary to improve the living standards of the masses to make the rural areas more productive and less vulnerable to hazards, poverty and exploitation. Self reliance, self government and high degree of self sufficiency of the villages were the goals of their rural developments strategy. Development is required to improve socio-economic conditions of the rural people by not only the government but all other sectors of the society also.

Prof. S.P. Jakhanwal, IAS(Retd.) Director General, ASUM, Prof. P.C. Sabharwal, Director, Amity School of Rural Management, senior officials of Amity University and students of ASUM and ASRM were present during the lecture session.

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