Amity International Business School organizes Guest Lecture with Mr. Vivek Nanda , Sharp Business Systems (I) Limited

A lecture was organized in Amity International Business School on the 4th Aug 2010 for the MBA (IB) batch of 2010-12. The speaker for the day Mr. Vivek Nanda, Head of Direct Sales (North Zone), Sharp Business Systems (I) Limited cited various examples to the students from his rich experience of 22 years.

The session focused on the Seven Mantras of Success which were explained through real cases from the industry.

1. PUNCTUALITY: Mr.Vivek Nanda explained this `MANTRA` very well with an example of Japanese reaching an `INDIAN` wedding on time.
2. INTEGRITY: It refers to the basic “ETHICS” which a person should always possess and was elaborated with a remarkable example of an Enthusiastic Young “LIC Agent”.
3. SINCRETY: It is one of the most `VITAL MANTRA`
4. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: If a person wants to become successful, failure must not matter, for him failure should act as a stepping stone towards success and he must possess an optimistic attitude.
5. HARD WORK: There is no substitute for “HARD WORK” and “LABOR NEVER GOES WASTE”.
6. RELIABILITY: Reliability was explained with the example of “DABUR” which has been carrying out its business for over 100 years.
7. SPOTTING OPPORTUNITIES: There are many people in this World who possess some intellectual characteristics but they lack in “SPOTTING OPPORTUNITIES”.

So “SPOT IT, GRAB IT AND TAKE IT AWAY”. This was highlighted with an example of market entry of Samsung in India with the Indian Cricket Team as the brand ambassador and the revolutionary tagline “WE ARE ALSO IN THE TEAM”.

Mr. Vijay Sahni, Joint Director IIC and the entire team was also present for the occasion.

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