Mr. Ajay Ranjan Mishra from Nokia Siemens Networks interacts with the students of AITTM

Mr. Ajay Ranjan Mishra – Global Head of Industry Environment, India & Emerging Markets, Nokia Siemens Networks visited Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management (AITTM) for a Guest Lecture organized for the students of B.Tech (E&T) and MBA – Telecom Management. Mr. Ajay Ranjan Mishra has been associated with Nokia / Nokia Siemens Networks since he graduated from Delhi University with Masters of Technology in Microwave and Electronics in 1997. Over the years, he has worked in all technical domains of telecom and has the rare distinction of having worked in six continents. Mr. Mishra has also authored more than half a dozen research papers in Technical and Management domain published both nationally and internationally. He has also authored three books on Cellular technologies (Published by John Wiley & Sons).

The topic of the guest lecture today was ‘Managing Telecom Technically – Today and Tomorrow’. The interactive session covered a whole array of relevant telecom topics such as Network Elements in a telecommunication network, Telecom Network Planning, Radio Network Optimization. He also discussed about Future Technologies like 3.5G, 4G, LTE etc. which are poised to change the rules of the game for the Telecom Industry. The Session was followed by a Question-Answer session where students’ queries about the telecom sector were answered by Mr.Mishra.

At the end of the guest lecture, Lt. Gen P D Bhargava – DG, AITTM thanked and felicitated Mr. Mishra for sharing his knowledge with the students.

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