Emminent journalist Ms. Arfa Khanum delivers a lecture at Amity School of Communication

Amity School of Communication got a golden opportunity to have an interactive session with Ms. Arfa Khanum as a part of ASCO Lecture Series. Ms. Khanum has been in the world of TV journalism for last one decade. She worked with organizations like NDTV and Sahara Samay. Currently, she is also a news consultant and anchor with "Live India" News channel.

The topic of discussion was "Journalism:What attracts the youth and how do they end up in the industry". Ms. Khanum gave a brief description about her professional profile to the students. She said her career started when she was 19 years with Pioneer and gradually she moved to electronic journalism. A journalist to achieve great success in life requires great amount of passion and dedication. She also mentioned that being a journalist isnt about just being in front of camera, there are many other fields left to explore one of which is making documentaries. She asked the student to explore, evolve and be argumentative.

Ms. Khanum screened her documentary named "Taleemi Carvan" to the students which was based upon rural education issues and poor literacy rate in the district of Behraich in Bihar. The documentary was motivational and helped the students to understand news reporting.

A question answer session was held where students had interactive session with the guest. The lecture was interactive and inspirational for the students of journalism.

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