Mr. Rajnish Kataria, Head, Indian Banking and Services Institute delivers lecture at Amity Law School Noida

Mr. Rajnish Kataria, Head, Indian Banking and Services Institute delivered lecture at Amity Law School Noida on the topic "A career in Banks for Law".

Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar, Director,Amity Law School, Amity University welcomed Mr. Kataria.

While addressing the gathering Mr. Kataria stressed on the need of lawyers in the banking industry. Mr Kataria explained that the Banks need large number of Law Graduates for general banking disputes like those relating to Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 as well as specialized branches of Banking like cooperative banks etc. There are plethora of legislations governing the Banking practices in the country Banking Regulation Act 1949, RBI Act 1934, FEMA 1999, SARFAESI 2002 , PMLA 1999 to name a few . The Lawyers will find openings in litigation involving around these Acts and Statutes. The coming up of the Private Banks after globalisation has opened up many avenues for young Lawyers. They have a choice to work with the Banks on their panel or deal with numerous cases involving the Foreign exchange , Cyber crimes in Banking etc before different courts and tribunals. Mr Kataria also expressed hope that the lawyers would be involved in negotiation of financial instruments. The classical instruments like FD,s that are also undergoing change or negotiation of securities by Securitisation companies pose a challenge to budding lawyers

Faculty, Students and senior officials of Amity Law School attended the lecture session.

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