Dr. N.K. Pandey, Lucknow University delivers lecture at Amity Campus Lucknow

Dr. N.K. Pandey, Associate Professor, Lucknow University delivered lecture on the topic "Nanotechnology-Introduction, Current Trends and Future Prospects- Risks and Rewards" at Amity Campus Lucknow.

The lecture organized in the seminar hall of MOC on August 26, 2010 was attended by faculty of ASET and students of V and VI semesters of B.T. and CSE programmes and M.Tech students of (ECE and CSE) programmes.

Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary branch which requires physicists, biologists and engineers to work together. The increasing pace of research and development in the field of nanotechnology requires development of huge manpower. The sector is expected to generate 12 million new jobs by 2015. Hence, human resource development holds immense importance in the field on nanotechnology.

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