Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management Organizes HR Conclave on Strategic Positioning of HR for Faster Growth of Telecom

Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management (AITTM) organized its annual HR Conclave on the topic Strategic Positioning of HR for Faster Growth of Telecom. The Conclave saw the presence of eminent names from the Telecom World. The chief Guest for the HR Conclave was Guest Mr. Kuldeep Singh – Chairman & Managing Director, MTNL. Other Speakers for the Inaugural session of HR Conclave were Mr. Rajan S Mathews – Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), Prof. G K Agarwal – MDI Gurgaon (Former Group Director HR , Bharti Airtel & Executive Director HR, NTPC) and Mr. Shekhar Manelkar – Director Organizational Development, Alcatel Lucent.

The addresses by the speakers during the inaugural session laid a very strong foundation for the subsequent discussions. Mr. Kuldeep Singh shared with the students how the HR departments faced a tough challenge of retaining the best talent during recessionary times and now that the economy is picking up, their efforts are paying back. Mr. Ranjan Mathews discussed the importance of ‘re-skiling’ exercise done by HR departments and employees of progressive organizations during recession so that the organizations are better prepared when the demand picks up. Prof. G K Agarwal elaborated on the need for the HR departments to be proactive and think ahead at all times given the exponential growth trajectory of the telecom sector. This would ensure that the organization is not short of the required talent pool at any point in time. Mr. Shekhar Manelkar stressed on the importance of having a balance between Hygiene Factors and Motivational Factors in an organization for employees to be able to work effectively.

The First Session had an equally good panel for discussion. Chaired by Prof. G K Agarwal – MDI Gurgaon, the panel included Mr. Sanjay Diwan – Director , Global & Strategic Accounts, Avaya Global Connect, Mr. Vikrant Bhatnagar – Head, Functional Skils Development, Bharti Airtel, Mr. Ajeet Chauhan – Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Spice Global and Mr. Piyush Dutt – Vice President Human Resources, HCL Comnet. The session saw discussion from different view points of stake holders in the telecom sector such as Service Providers, Network Equipment Vendors, Handset & VAS providers on how the HR departments were preparing for the ramp up with the advent of 3G Technology and ever increasing demand for Telecom Services by the consumers. After the discussion, the opn house session saw interesting questions being raised by the students, which were brilliantly answered by the panel members.

Mr. Biswarup Goswami – President HR & Chief People’s Officer, Viom Networks was the chairperson for the Second Session of the HR Conclave. The panelists for the session were Mr. Ashish Mediratta – Asst. Director, Human Resources, Huawei Telecommunications, Mr. Yugal Sharma – National Director Customer Operations, Tikona Digital Networks, Mr. Sunil Singh – Head, Human Resources, Tulip Telecom and Ms. Vandana Madhusudan – Head Employee Engagement, Etisalat DB. The session also saw discussion related to integration of Business demands with the HR objectives and how HR Department even though a support function, played a pivotal role in achieving Goals, Objectives and KRAs of all other departments.

In all, the HR Conclave saw deliberations on critical HR Issues which can play the role of key differentiator for any telecom player in effectively utilizing the imminent exponential growth in the Telecom Sector.

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