Amity Indore, organised Entrepreneurship Day at the Campus

Entrepreneurship Day was conducted on AGBS Indore Campus on 19th November 2010. Both 3rd Semester and 1st Semester students participated in organizing and conducting the event. The event was planned and organized under the guidance of Ms Archana Shrivastava. The events that were conducted were: •
Talk By A Leading Entrepreneur •
Presentations And Analysis Of Entrepreneurial Success Models •
Quiz •
Unique Business Idea

Ms Neelima Gupta, a leading entrepreneur, was invited to share her experiences with the students. She inspired the students with her words of wisdom. This was followed by a competition on Presentations and Analysis of Entrepreneurial Success Models which was judged by Ms Anjana Pillai and Ms Meenal Sharma.
In all six teams participated. The prize was bagged by the team of Smriti Golash, Pinky Vyas and Sonali Sheik who Presented on “The Million Dollar Seam Mistress”. Next it was time for the budding managers to test their Corporate awareness. The Quiz was clinched by Abin George and Niven Varghese. Finally the managers presented their Unique Business Ideas. The prize in this category was bagged by Prashant Gurao and Manish Gour.

Ms Archana Shrivastava encouraged the students and motivated them to build AGBS as an incubation centre for young entrepreneurs.
The vote of thanks was proposed by Anupama Mishra.

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