Renowned Management Guru Claus Moller visited Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Management Guru Claus Moller visited India in a one day Business Guru Event on the theme "Putting People First: Creating Customer Focused Programmes"

Internationally acclaimed Management Guru Claus Moller visited Amity University, Noida Campus. He had an exclusive interactive session with the management students of Amity.

Claus Moller is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, and an experienced management consultant. He is also the author of several internationally best-selling business books. He is a pioneer in the field of Service Management.

He has been actively involved in improving organizational effectivenes for more than 30 years. Mr. Claus has been credited with the turn-around of numerous organizations, in industries as varied as Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Energy, Financial Services and Government concerns.

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