Amity School of Behavioural and Applied Sciences, Amity University Rajasthan organises Seminar on Positive Psychotherapy

A seminar on “ Can Positive Psychotherapy meet the basic principles of effectiveness as outlined by Dr. Grave “ had been organized by Amity School of Behavioural and Applied Sciences on Monday 22nd November.

Seminar was graced by Professor Shridhar Sharma, former Vice President of Indian Psychology Society. A noted speaker Professor Sharma started with quote “Psychotherapy deals with psyche (hind) it is a form of treatment for problems of emotional nature”, basically in a nutshell he talked about principles, development and objectives of psychotherapy. He said the main aim of psychotherapy is to improve emotional problems.

The seminar was attended by the students of Amity School of Behavioural Sciences, Amity School of Communication & Amity Business School.

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