Scientists and Researchers from India and Italy present breakthrough research papers during three day Indo- Italian Workshop on “Bacteria and Fungi for Environmental Sustainability” at Amity University

Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (AIMT) and The Embassy of Italy, New Delhi kick started three day Indo- Italian Workshop on “Bacteria and Fungi for Environmental Sustainability” from November 29- December 1, 2010 at Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

Scientists, Researchers and Scholars from India and Italy including Prof. Dr. Silvia Perotto- University of Torino, Italy, Prof. (Dr.) Peter Raspor- University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Prof. (Dr.) Alessandra Zambonelli- University of Bologna, Italy, Dr. Syed Mahmood Farshpour- Iran, Dr. Sabokbar Azar- Islamic Azad University, Iran, Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Sopori- ICGEB, New Delhi, Prof. (Dr.) Atul Johri- Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Dr. Subra Chakraborty- NIPGR, New Delhi and many others will present their papers and research works during the Workshop.

Prof. (Dr.)Asis Datta- Prof. of Eminence, National Institute of Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), H. E Giacomo Sanfelice di Monteforte- Ambassador of Italy to India, Dr. Lidia Szpyrkowicz- Scientific Attaché, Embassy of Italy, New Delhi, Prof. (Dr.) Paola Bonfante- University of Turino, Italy, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group and Maj Gen K Jai Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh inaugurated the workshop.

Welcoming the august gathering, Prof. Dr. Ajit Varma- Director General, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (AIMT) and Vice Chairman, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) said that the three day Indo- Italian Workshop will provide a forum to the scientists, researchers and scholars to discuss and deliberate on the role of microorganisms in environmental sustainability and will provide an insight into the scientific, environmental and social issues for ecological balance. He expressed his hope that the recommendations of workshop will lead to joint research programs, which will strengthen the scientific bridge between the two countries.

Expressing his joy over the fruitful collaboration of Amity University with Italian Embassy in organizing the workshop, H. E Giacomo Sanfelice di Monteforte- Ambassador of Italy to India said that the workshop will address issues related to the potential impact of climate change on soil ecology and on functioning of soil ecosystems. The understanding of these issues, he averred, is very important for defining possible strategies for mitigation of global warming effects. He hoped that the bilateral Conference will provide a forum for Italian and Indian researchers to share novel ideas on soil ecology and restoration techniques , thereby enriching R& D in the field of soil ecology.

Speaking during the occasion, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group stressed that the three day workshop is of immense contemporary significance, the theme and sub- themes of the workshop have been meticulously designed keeping in view the global problems of soil degradation.

Dwelling on the state of Biotechnology in Italy, Dr. Lidia Szpyrkowicz- Scientific Attaché, Embassy of Italy, New Delhi said, “Biotechnology is one of the priority sectors of research and of the economic development in Italy. Italy has more than 40 Universities with dedicated biotech and agriculture courses” Sharing important information about Indo- Italian Scientific Collaboration, Dr. Szpyrkowicz highlighted various scholarships offered by Italian Government to Indian citizens for studying in Italy, as part of the agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Italy and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), New Delhi. She further, informed that the scholarships are administered by the Department of Higher Education in the Ministry of HRD, New Delhi and the period of scholarships varies from 3 months onwards in case of language studies to 12 months maximum in the case of other scientific disciplines. The scholarships which are announced usually in April every year, consist of an all- inclusive monthly allowance of Euro 700, health and accident insurance and exemption or partial waiver of tuition fee (subject to individual University regulations).Identifying few potential areas of interest for Indian students such as Hydrolic Risk Management, Applied Biology, Information Technology, Sustainable Development, Genomics, Climate Research etc., Dr. Lidia Szpyrkowicz called upon the participants of the Conference to work out the possibility of joint projects between two countries.

The various topics that will be covered during three day workshop includes “ Mutualistic Networks and Ecosystem Functions”, “ Mutualistic Interactions, Ecology and Global Change”, “Inter- Kingdom Interactions”, “Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Mycorrhizal Fungi, “New Methods in Symbiosis Research, “ Microbial Dynamics, Communication and Quorum Sensing”, “Bio-detoxification of Degraded Soils”, “Interaction of Nanoparticles with Microbes” and “ Science and Technology for Tribal Welfare”

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