“Invention and Innovation need to be distinguished by the Corporates” says Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman, Pahwa Enterprises and MD, Bryair (Asia) Pvt. Ltd inaugurating the International Conference at Amity Manesar

To bring together eminent corporate leaders and academicians of the world on a common platform to coercively focus on ‘How innovation processes stimulate and enhance growth of an organization for it to achieve competitive advantage in the global market’ Amity Business School (ABS), Amity University Haryana has organized its first two day (May5th-6th, 2011) International Conference on “Enhancing Organizational Growth through Innovation and Creativity Issues, Opportunities and Challenges” at Amity University Haryana, Amity Education Valley, Panchgaon, Manesar, Gurgaon-122413.

The International Conference was inaugurated by Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman, Pahwa Enterprises and MD, Bryair (Asia) Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Aseem Chauhan, Additional President Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF).

Delivering her welcome address during the inaugural ceremony of the International Conference Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Director ABS and Dean, Academics, ABS, Amity University Haryana said “In the times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future and the need is to cope with the change forging a new future and developing a creative temperament in organizations.”

Inaugurating the International Conference Mr. Deepak Pahwa, Group Chairman, Pahwa Engineering and MD, Brriyair (Asia) Pvt. Ltd informed “The ever changing Global business environment has posed a tremendous challenge on the present organizations and therefore it becomes indispensible for them to develop competencies and focus on understanding the emerging needs in the corporate world, which has made compulsions on businesses to be more creative and innovative.” Dwelling upon the distinction in the concepts of Invention and Innovation he stated “Invention is the conversion of cash into ideas whereas Innovation is the conversion of ideas into cash.” Encouraging the youth to make the fullest of this tremendous platform of International Conference he emphasized “Optimism is the key to successful entrepreneurship and the very spirit of taking risks is what leads to innovation. Every organization is an entity and a pulsating body where the role of each individual counts and nothing binds an organization better and closer than success itself whose prime ingredients happen to be none other than constant creativity and innovation.”

Wishing great success to the International Conference Mr. Aseem Chauhan averred “In the present Global business landscape there can be no sustenance without innovation and creativity. There is need to focus on how to make an organizational culture that fosters, nurtures and encourages constant innovation on a daily basis irrespective of whether it is corporate or academia. Mulling over ‘How innovation processes stimulate and enhance growth of an organization for it to achieve competitive advantage in the global market’ he added “This International Conference is an example of initiatives, endeavour and team work of an organization and the topic of the same is appropriate and crucial in the present competitive era. We are living in the era of collaboration where effective innovations are born out of the process of sharing ideas to make the next big thing.” “Youth is on the frontline in this important era of collaboration and globalization and it is they who have to individually engage themselves in thinking out of the box and implement accordingly to make effective contributions to the economy” said Mr. Chauhan highlighting the bright prospects of the Conference.

“To keep pace with the digital world that is in the constant motion of change, one importantly needs to realize, acknowledge and understand that unlike traditional times the Globe is a far more opn ended platform today and it essentially calls for more sharing of ideas as well as collective efforts towards enhanced and improved creativity along with innovation for it to holistically prosper and progress”, said Prof. Dr. Arun Kr Jain from IIM Lucknow delivering his key note address during the inaugural ceremony of the International Conference.

Sharing his rays of experience during the inauguration of the International Conference Mr. V.P Sanjeevan, Director Consumer Division System Product, Canon said “Innovation helps to sustain and surpass one’s own records and it must be interpreted as the powerful combination of emotion and logic which is the key to continuous improvement in any walk of life or context.”

The conference has received over 150 research papers from a large number of National as well as International Universities and Business Schools from various countries including U.S.A, Iran, Phillipines, Oman, Pakistan etc and will see the active participation of over 500 delegates across the country and overseas during its course of two days.

A plethora of informative technical sessions and panel discussions on several functional areas pertaining to Management and other related issues by leading corporate experts as well as eminent academicians including Mr. V.P Sajeevan, Director, Consumer System Product Division Canon, Prof. (Dr) Arun Kr Jain, IIM, Lucknow, Mr. Niraj Prakash, Director, Public Sector Marketing, Microsoft, Mr. Raj Nehru, Head, HR, IBM and many others will unfold during the two days of the International Conference.

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