Mrs. Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts, Fashion Technology, Performing Arts inaugurates the Art exhibition

Young artists should be encouraged by Galleries: Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts, Fashion Technology, Performing Arts unveiling ‘Carpe Diem’

Continuing with its quest to bring in the ‘Nvya’ – the new to the fore ‘Gallerie Nvya’ brings ‘Carpe Diem’ – a view of extravaganza where figments of imaginations blend with the bright and off tones of mystique hues, from May 12th – June 11th 2011 at Gallerie Nvya, Square One Mall, Saket, New Delhi.

Carpe Diem (A group show of contemporary art)sublimely struck a chord with the enthusiastic participants, artists and all beholders of what is interpreted as surreal aesthetics. This exhibition has selected a group of sixteen young artists who have contributed with 2 to 3 works each and most of which have been specially done for this exhibition.

Inaugurating the exhibition of optimum opulence and creativity Guest of Honor Mrs. Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts, Fashion Technology, Performing Arts and an artist herself expressed her delight and said “It is a real treat to behold that with so much happening within our country on economic, social and cultural front Indian art and artists continue to make inroads and mark their presence nationally and internationally. It is equally heartening to see Indian artists balance the amalgamation of the traditional element derived from our culture and legacy in tandem with everything else that is happening globally.” Encouraging the art galleries to provide more and more of such opportunities to young artists for them to be able to showcase their talent and creativity she said “This beautiful fusion of legacy with contemporary has resulted in great works from the young and vibrant artists and it is a source of great rejuvenation to be an intrinsic part of this art world and be able to contribute to it in any possible way.”

During the inauguration of Carpe Diem Ms. Tripat K Kalra, Director, Gallerie Nvya said “The exhibition of ‘Carpe Diem’ through its idyllic works exude vibrancy, energy and color, yet they make a statement or put across a question, which is relevant to our times.” She added “today art has reached a point where it reflects a plethora of realities and interpretations as manifested in a new, contemporary, layered, evocative and challenging language and at Carpe Dium attempts to make a space in sync with that multivocality.”

The splashes of colors and ideas offered by the exclusive bevy of young artists at the Carpe Diem magnetized connoisseurs of Art with praise and appreciation to the hilt including Gurdeep Singh, Lal Bahadur Singh, Meena Sansawal, Mohammed Osman, Ompal Sansanwal, Pradeep Puthoor, Pradiptaa Chakraborty, Puha Bahri, Ritu Kamath, Rajiba Lochan Pani, S. Bharath Yadav, Satadru Sovan Banduri, Shivaramachary Y, Siddharth Choudhury, Trishla Jain, Veejayant Dash and numerous others.

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