Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences, Lucknow Campus organised a two day workshop on Refresher Course in Hypnotherapy Level-I and Level-II

Two day workshop on Refresher Course in Hypnotherapy- Level I & II was organized by AIBAS on May 24-25, 2011 for the faculty and students. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Nitin Shukla, VIMHANS, New Delhi. The purpose of this workshop was to practice hypnotherapy before conducting Level III workshop. This workshop was highly practice oriented and focused more on practice than theory as faculty and students have already done level I and II of Hypnotherapy. The purpose of the workshop was to Observe and Learn through demonstration, and be able to put a willing person in a Hypnotic state or Trance. This workshop focused on the following: •Understand Why and How an individual gets into a Hypnotic state or Trance •Understand the Theory of Mind and Suggestibility • To use two or more Fast Induction methods apart from the Slow Induction methods •Be able to use Deepening and Awakening techniques •Be able to Conduct an Therapeutic Interview with a client to know his/her issues •Be able to compose/write the Suggestion to be given to an individual under hypnosis to address any specific issues communicated by him •Be able to use Self-Hypnosis technique for himself/herself and •Be able to help others do Self-Hypnosis and use suggestions for self-development, and •Be qualified to learn the advanced hypnotic techniques and modalities •Understand and practice Regression-Age regression and have a group Past life regression experience •Understand and practice Stress Management, Anxiety Management (Generalized anxiety, Fears and Phobias), Depression, pain management etc. through Hypnosis. There was live demonstration of Past Life Regression on a client who volunteered for it. Moreover participants also practiced past life regression on each other. There was also a session of group induction.

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