CONCLUDING CEREMONY 2011- Amity Indore Campus

The graduation is not the end it is the beginning. The power of the degrees bestowed upon them by the alma mater start bearing fruits from this day.

The concluding ceremony of MBA Batch 2011 was held in the Institute Auditorium on the 25th May 2011. It was a very important day in the life of students as well as for all of us at AGBS, Indore.The ceremony was a mix of various emotions, joy, gaity, sadness and the feeling of leaving the Alma Mater to embark on a new beginning.

The event was all the more special for students as two very special guests had come from Noida to grace the occasion Mr. U Ramchandran Vice President AGBS and Dr. Sanjay Srivastava Dir. General Amity Business School.
The host of the program was the MBA Batch of 2012 who put in their best efforts to give their seniors an event which they would remember for their lives.

The Proceedings started with the welcoming of students with a Tilak and rose -flower and after the welcome address by Mr. U Ramchandran they were presented the most coveted fruit of their academic life , namely their Provisional and PGPM Certificates.

On this day as per the tradition at Amity to recognize Individual talents and appreciation, the awards were given in four categories, namely:

* Salvers and Citations

* All Round Best Student Award

* Area Merit Awards and

* Non Academic Awards

All the faculties were present to give the area merit awards.

The winners were lauded and cheered by their batch mates and making a highly charged atmosphere in the hall when the dignitaries gave away the awards.
It was followed by a very motivating and empowering Concluding Address by Dr. Sanjay Srivastava who gave them tips for a successful future and a happy and prosperous life.

The event also featured a speech by Dr. Rajeev Samuel Director AGBS, Indore to motivate the students.

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