CONCLUDING CEREMONY 2011- Amity Ahmedabad Campus

"Convocations are special. They are special because they are simultaneously a conclusion and a commencement".
The ceremony started off with Program leader Prof. Kalika Bansal welcoming the students and all core and visiting faculty.

26th May marked a memorable day for the outgoing batch of MBA 2009-11 at the Ahmedabad campus as the concluding ceremony was held with pride and nostalgia.
Anchored by junior MBA and BBA students, the Concluding Ceremony went off very well.

The chief guests of the day were our beloved and respected Dr Sanjay Srivastava and respected Mr. U Ramachandran, who blessed the outgoing students.

The evening began with the traditional welcoming of the senior batch. The welcome speech was delivered by Prof Kalika Bansal, Programme Co-ordinator-MBA, followed by an inspiring talk by Mr. U Ramachandran who highlighted the importance of sheer hard work and performance in students’ corporate life hence. The provisional certificates were then distributed amidst claps and cheer. Our Campus Head, Mr. Manish Dholakia delivered a heart rendering speech.

The cream of the entire program was the awards ceremony followed by a concluding speech of respected Dr Sanjay Srivastava who enlightened the outgoing batch on ethics, integrity and values. His speech touched one and all by its wisdom and by virtue of the students taking the Amity Oath. He stressed upon dos and don’ts for their first interface with the corporate world and also gave our Founders’ Formula for “Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual Renewal”.

After a sumptuous dinner, emotional scenes followed the group photography session as batch-mates hugged each other. Seeing the students graduating was memorable for the Amity Family. This day marked the transition of our students from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

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