CONCLUDING CEREMONY 2011- Amity Kolkata Campus

21st May 2011 was a special day at the Amity Global Business School Kolkata campus as the Batch of MBA & BBA-2011 held their concluding ceremony.

Some of the views shared by the students of Amity Kolkata Campus

Amar Agrawal, BBA Final: “I was dreaming from last 3 yrs. I got 4 awards on this wonderful day. I was blessed by Mr. Ramachandran, Dr.Sanjay Srivastava and Ankita Ma’m.The experience was amazing. It gave us a feeling that life has come to a halt…no more wishes left unfulfilled.”

Rishi Agarwal,BBA Final: “It was first concluding ceremony of my life and a ceremony of this kind can only happen at a University like Amity.”

Souvik Bhattacharya, MBA Final: “Everything has to end at a good note and that is what happened at the Concluding Ceremony. It was a real fun and honor to receive awards for our performance and certificates from esteemed guests. I am really proud to be a part of Amity Family.”

Arindam Sen, MBA Final: ”The evening of 21st May,2011 was a memorable day for me in this campus. There was a mixed feeling of both happiness and sadness.”

Thanks to one and all

Rama Sir, your penchant to keep the students’ happy is beyond the match of word ‘Thank You’ we are SPELL BOUND!

Heartfelt Thanks to the Mentor- Dr. Sanjay Srivastava

Vipin Sir, although you were not present physically on the D-Day, although the students and the entire missed you as they kept asking for you, although you must have caught the action behind the camera from Kilometers away, but the Kolkata campus definitely FELT your presence in your absence. Thanks for all the Support.

Sonia, who can disagree that without your constant and consistent effort, the success of the ceremony would have been not been so easy. And the infectious warmth in your smile boosts all of us up.

Thanks to Monika and her team- Without your support, where would have we got such lovely students!

Thanks to Shweta whose mail Flashed the figure 15k for the ceremony and with much of relief, we worked upon the success of the event.

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