Seminar on Therapies in Use: Issues and Challenges at Amity Lucknow campus

The seminar on Therapies in Use: Issues and Challenges began on the 6th of September 2006 at Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences of Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus. The function began with the lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest, Mr.Rohit Nandan, Secretary, Handicapped Welfare. The session began with the keynote address of Dr.Pallavi Bhatnagar who deliberated on the importance of Psychotherapy and Counselling. She opined that “ behind every dysfunctional psyche there is a dysfunctional emotion and behind every dysfunctional emotion there is a dysfunctional thought” so she called for treating the psyche ‘in pain’, the actual meaning of psychotherapy. She also delved into the importance of various Therapies in use particularly the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is based on evidence, Narrative therapy, which takes into account films, songs, gazals, poetry. She also elaborated at length on various other therapies as well like the Voice Movement therapy, and voice movement therapy. She stated that Cognitive and Social Skills need to be developed in order to bring about a revolution.

The Chief Guest Mr.Rohit Nandan, Secretary of Handicapped Welfare, stated that Disability is not a marginal but a mainstream issue. According to statistics 2.1 percent of the total Indian population i.e., 2 Crores are suffering from Disability. The disabled are stigmatized by the society, which is a greater impairment than their physical and mental incapacities. He expressed concern over counseling sympathy of the parents and family members and lamented the lack of social support. He stressed on the need of a greater number of Rehabilitation Counsellors.

Dr. Manju Agarwal emphasized that relationship problems, stresses are mental health problems, which should be taken as any other physical ailment. No stigma should be attached to them and people should go to psychotherapist at an initial and early stage so that it does not aggravate to become untreatable.

On the occasion, papers were presented by other eminent scholars. Dr.Gurpreet Bajaj from DRDO emphasized on Humor: that is a complete therapy in itself. Mr.Rajeev Kumar from CIP, Ranchi highlighted the positive correlation of health and spirituality and stressed on integrating Spirituality with therapy and medical care. Ms.Batool Pashang from Mysore University delineated how Emotional Intelligence that is the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ emotions, can explore and complement counselling and therapies. Ms. Mansi Pandey of Cambridge University, U.K. talked on the psychology of parentification. Dr. H.K. Naidu, HOD Noor Manjil, Lucknow talked on present application of psychotherapy and counselling in which he elaborated the fields where psychotherapy can be used. Present at the occasion were Director General, Maj Gen K K Ohri, (Retd.) AVSM, Naresh Chandra, Director (ELM), Head Psychology, IT College Hamda Zareen and other delegates.

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