Mr. Vijay Singh, CEO & MD, delivers lecture at Amity International Business School

The MBA(IB) students of Amity International Business School of the 2011-13 batch witnessed a Guest Lecture session with Mr. Vijay Singh, CEO & MD, on August 24, 2011

The topic of discussion was " Unlearning Marketing - Use of Earned Media for Effective Marketing ”. The objective of the lecture was to prepare the budding managers for the challenges which they are going to face once they enter into the corporate world.

In his lecture Mr. Singh highlighted the changing trends in the marketing nowadays and concentrated on the importance of marketing on different social networks . He also emphasized on the importance of network building, social networks, influencing users, and also gave examples by discussing ideas behind a few incredible changes. He concluded his lecture by proving the fact that traditional marketing is dying and social media is taking guard hence truly justifying the topic.

The session ended with a vote of thanks to the guest. Mr.V.P Kakkar, Professor – AIBS felicitated the guest. Dr. Swarnlipi Chakraborty– Lecturer –AIBS and the whole team of Industry Interaction Cell were present for the event.

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