Orientation Programme

Day 1 : Thursday, September 1, 2011

The well planned Orientation Programme organised at Amity Ahmedabad welcomed the incoming batch of students in traditional as well as a novel manner. The programme achieved its objective of inducting the students into the Amity education and work culture by a combination of events with a specific purpose to be achieved.

The day started with registration briefing to students and verification of documents. Being the First Day of the academic session for 2011-12, auspicious HAVAN was organised for an auspicious beginning of the academic calendar. Being Ganesh Chaturthi Day and a Thursday too, the Maharaj explained relevant concepts and teachings of our religious scriptures and highlighted the role of teachers in grooming, and prayed for an excellent quality of teaching and prosperity for Amity Ahmedabad.

After a sumptuous lunch for all the students, the main ceremony began by inaugurating and lighting of the lamp, which was done jointly by the Chief Guest Mr. Bhagyesh Jha (Secretary for Youth, Culture and Sports, Government of Gujarat) and Mr. Manish Dholakia (Dean & Campus Head). After welcoming the guest of honour with a Bouquet of Flowers, Mr. Bhagyesh Jha delivered his address on management learnings for students, specially citing Bhagwad Geeta. It was a mesmerizing session, to listen to someone so senior, so well-educated abroad and yet so patriotic, humble, delivering a very relevant message to the students. Drawing on ancient wisdom and management practices of ancient India’s heritage, he said that India had taught management to the world and not the other way around. His message to the youth : hard work, youth teamwork power and a sense of patriotism for your mother tongue, respect for teachers and parents, be a contributor towards true nation building. He invited the Amity students to volunteer and participate in managing a Mega Sports Event (Khel Maha Kumbh) to be held in Gujarat.

Mr. Manish Dholakia (Dean) thereafter delivered his welcome address for the incoming students, familiarizing the students to Amity’s teaching philosophy, academic learning methodology and annual events calendar and their role as good students. After a Faculty and team introduction to the students, was a Guest Lecture by an Industry expert. Mr. Savan Godiawala, Director (Delloite) interacted with the students on various aspects of practical learning, highlighting what attributes Delloite looks for while hiring B school graduates. Technical and functional capabilities, communication, proactive attitudes, and willingness to work hard were of paramount importance. He also explained various facets of Deloitte, a multi million dollar consulting and audit conglomerate with operations in over 100 countries.

Students were then taken through the academic system and mentoring by Amity’s Faculty Prof. Renu Chaudhary and Prof. Laxman Rathore, followed by a tea break.

To sum up the day was an exciting Ice breaking session conducted jointly by Prof. Neeta Sinha and Prof. Neelam Kshatriya, with light management games and a lot of fun based interaction. The learnings were summarized and students had fun on their first day – and got to know their batchmates much better.

Orientation Programme Day 2 : Friday, September 1, 2011.

Written Proficiency Tests were conducted for both all the BBA and MBA batch of incoming students in the morning, lasting well almost until lunch time.

Thereafter, the students prepared Community Lunch. It was good to see students working in teams, to decide on the menu and then actually cook the food in the canteen area. They cooked tasted sandwiches, Chanaa chaat and Lemon Tea. Faculty and team was served Community Lunch and the hospitality part displayed by the students was also good.

Thereafter, the students watched a management video followed by a discussion and team building exercises. They underwent management games that emphasized the Amity culture of leadership, ethics and teamwork by group games which were activity based. The games concluded with learnings and de-briefing by the faculty and ended with an inspirational Film.

The final session of the day was interaction with Alumni and senior batch students. Amity students of current batch and earlier batch, comforted the incoming batch, taking them through their positive experiences at Amity.

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