Student Orientation Program at Amity Chennai Campus, It was a day that started off on a beautifully conveyed positive note by our beloved dean, Prof. Eilamathian. Later, it was the ICE BREAKING session where we had everyone remembering everybody’s name. Then we introduced to the faculty members, which gave us enough confidence which included favorableness and support. This was followed by the introduction of the seniors.

The second day was started by the dean, sharing his knowledge on various theories. Dean also spoke about the four important pillars, i.e. Interpersonal relation, Communication, attitude and Team building. Followed to that was again a session of soft & managerial techniques.

As a whole it was a successful indoctrination event. The industrial speakers for the events are Mr. Rajesh Subramaniyam, Director-HR, CTS. and Mr. Loyola, Sr. General Manager, Hyundai.

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