Mr. Ankur Kulshrestha – Sr. Manager - Ernst & Young delivers guest lecture at Amity International Business School

The MBA(IB) students of the 2011-13 batch witnessed a Guest Lecture by Mr. Ankur Kulshrestha – Sr. Manager - Ernst & Young on September 14th, 2011.

The topic of the discussion was "Uncommon Mistakes made by Young Managers". The objective of the lecture was to prepare the budding managers for the challenges which they are going to face once they enter into the corporate world.

Mr. Kulshrestha threw light on basic essentials for young minds. He discussed the reasons to do an MBA and also interacted with the students on an introspection that why would a company hire an MBA. He then went on to explain the qualities that a manager should have in order to get into the corporate world. He concluded by emphasizing on a few requisites like Commitment, Team - work and most importantly Definition of Success.

The session ended with a vote of thanks to the guest for the day.

Ms. Payal Pathania, Lecturer – AIBS felicitated the guest. Mr. Swarnpreet Singh, Assistant Manager - IIC was also present with the Student co-ordinators of Industry Interaction Cell (IIC).

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