Amity Business School organises Brainy Street event

Young and energetic members of Entrepreneurship club of Amity Business School organised Brainy Street event on September 15, 2011.

The event had four rounds:
1. Whats your Field? - Each team was asked to pick or select a field of their own interest and with they were confident about such as (brands, finance, human resource, marketing, strategy and etc).
2. Dumb Charades - The teams were given a brand, to which one of the team members were to act mutely to the co - member, who had to answer the correct brand in limited time frame.
3. Fireballs - Rapid questions were asked to individual teams at one go and the teams were supposed to answer in fraction of seconds.
4. Jackpot - This round was played within the top 4 finalist and which guided the whole event in deciding the winners.

Dr. Vandana Mathur & faculty members of the club Dr. Anubha Srivastava & Ms.Teena Bagga awarded the winners.

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