FORCE Star John Abraham, Genelia D’souza Visit Amity Ahmedabad

Film Celebrities John Abraham and Genelia D’souza visited Amity Global Business School, Ahmedabad. They had come to Ahmedabad along with producer Vijay Shah and their team to promote their new Film FORCE, starring John and Genelia. After interacting with the Amity Ahmedabad’s Dean and campus head Mr. Manish Dholakia, John and Genelia interacted at length with students of Amity. Both actors recalled their students days since both John and Genelia have an educational background in management.

When a student asked John about his take on today’s youth having issues balancing fun as a student vs. building a career, John advised the students to work hard at this age and avoid bad habits. Take the essence of the movie FORCE, John said if you want to enjoy your youth, go to the mountains and explore them why do you need to try something dangerous like smoking or something most lethal like drugs. Don’t over speed on bikes, drive very safely its better anyday to enjoy a slow drive, chatting with your girlfriend Don’t be influenced by up negative habits from films. Don’t ever, ever even think of trying drugs, we did a lot of research about various types of drugs for FORCE, and I strongly advise you not to destroy yourself and your family by trying drugs. You should focus on studying hard at Amity and gaining managerial competencies. Both Genelia and John advised students to be very humble in their outlook and to take their failures and other’s criticism in a very humble manner. Amity students presented a dance number, and both the celebrities soon joined in, rocking and dancing to the tune of their title track in FORCE. Their interaction ended with Amity students gifting them a Bike prototype memento to John and a Football to Genelia, whom few know, is a national level football player in her own right.

A huge crowd had gathered outside Amity premises to catch a glimpse of John and Genelia. All in all, the students were touched by the humility of the stars.

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