Mr. Donald Lu, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of US in India visits Amity University

USA has always been the most preferred destination for Indian students. Over 1, 94, 000 Indian students are already studying in various educational institutions in USA and in the near future, India will rule the education sector, averred Mr. Donald Lu, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of US in India who was on a visit to Amity University, Noida with a high power delegation.

Sharing his thoughts further with the gathering of students and faculty members from Amity International Business School, Mr. Lu said that getting a US visa has become easier in recent times. In fact, the US Embassy processes 700,000 Indian visas applications every year. Sharing his views on the issues pertaining the Indian students applying for US Visas, Mr. Lu said that Indian students need to very specific about the course they want to pursue abroad, Universities/Education Institutions which they would like to be a part of and their future career aspirations while convincing the officials at US Embassy during the 3 minutes time allotted to them. Sharing the education scenario in American Universities, Mr. Lu said, “In American educational institutions work experience is as much importance as educational qualification. Therefore, the Indian students who have work experience in addition to the education qualification will have an edge over their counterparts with no work experience.

Emphasizing on the growing cooperation between the two nations, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of US in India said that the trade relations between India and USA have tripled over the years and has touched $ 85 billion. Export and Import between the two countries are well in proportion. Around 2, 35, 000 citizens of US are living in India and many Americans are coming to India for work. US and India have developed unprecedented cooperation in world affairs which was not before.

The delegation was welcomed by Maj. Gen K J Singh- Chancellor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh- Pro VC (I), Amity International Business School and Director General, Amity International Business School and Mr. M J Rahman- Sr. Vice President, RBEF.

The delegation comprising of Ms. Sudha Gandhi- Deputy Press Advisor, USA Embassy, Ms. Indu Wadhwa- Program Manager, Office of Public Affairs, USA Embassy were taken on a Campus tour and shown the contemporary infrastructure and facilities of Amity including Amity Innovation Incubator.

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