Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences had conducted a Guest Lecture for its students

Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences had conducted a guest lecture on 22nd September, 2011 for the students of B. Tech (AE) I Sem, B.Tech (Civil) I Sem, B.Tech (E & CE) I Sem and BFA I Sem for Social Awareness Programme. Mr. Akhilesh Tewari, Director, Sarathi Development Foundation was invited for this event who is working on various issues like child rights, rural development, women self help group and other issues related to society. He is an active worker in these areas and had motivated students to work in the society. Focus of the lecture was on :- 1) Encouraging the students to get in touch with the people of difficult circumstances so that appropriate technology can be used by them to overcome their problems. 2) Making the students sensitive towards the issue of women with the help of case studies. 3) Dealing with myths about the child rights and child labour. Students were informed that children do not only have right to get educated but there is also right to play and right to participate in various activities. 4)The Speaker also discussed about the various programs his organization is working on like women self help groups, working in slum area etc. and invited students to visit with their organization and get associated with it so that something constructive could be brought out. 5) He also discussed some of the innovative ways which students can use while working for their SAP in these areas. The workshop was well received by the participants. They were encouraged to work with children, women and other marginalized groups under expert supervision. The participants seemed to be motivated enough to work with him.

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