Fresher Programme

Freshers day is the formal welcome extended by senior student managers to their new batch in Amity. Monday, 26 September, 2011 saw the celebration of the freshers day at Amity Chennai. Freshers day is an evening filled with talent and creativity of young MBA and BBA students. The occasion showcases special performances like singing, dancing, play acting and the star contest– Mr. & Ms. Amity, 2011 by amitians. There was much excitement in the air as Amity MBA second year students (2010-2012) batch had won the rolling trophy for being the overall winners at Combat (management fest) held at D.G. Vaishnav College last week. The beautiful glittering trophy was handed over by Prof. Eilamathian, Director AGBS,Chennai along with the certificates to the winners amidst much fanfare and gaiety.

The winners of Mr. Amity 2011 were - "Nikhil Luke Prasad" and "Ms. Amity Shobana". All Mr. & Ms. Amity participants had to go through tough elimination rounds that tested their intelligence, attitude, personality over the past several days.

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