Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences organised a Guest Lecture on 'Right to Education and Education for all'

Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences had organised a Guest Lecture on "Right to Education and Education for all." Mr. V K Pandey, Joint Director-State Education Board, was the guest of honor. Mr. V.K.Pandey came to discuss about the core issue of education. He told that education is very important for society. Every child should be literate. He discussed that under 18 students should be educated. He also told about the constitutional provision as directive provision of state policy education which was placed in it in Article 45. It stated about education for children upto age group 14. Since 1950, some subjects were central, state and some were concurrent. In 1986, for the very first time, Education policy came. Education should be vocationalized. Universities were developed after 1986. Important point was common pattern for all the universities in all states. He told us about the case in 1983 which stated that education is a fundamental right. In 2003, Article 21A- Right to Education, was made which stated compulsory education for children. In this right, government has to ensure free and compulsory education to children of age group 6-14. In August 2009, Right to Education for free and compulsory education was made. In this students and student problems were emphasized. This is the only act in which government took all the responsibility itself. Govt. ensured : •Qualitative education with dignity to be provided to students •No fees to be taken from them •No document to be asked •No corporal punishment/detainment on account of learning. This act also stated that there should be primary schools in every 1 km, as child can walk upto 1 km. and that too for secondary it should be within 3 kms. Every school to be well equipped. There should not be any examination rule, there should be evaluation arrangement. It is the fundamental right of every student to take admission in any institution. He also told about the discrimination between rich and poor. Social and gender biasing is also a main issue. He also gave us examples related to that. Classroom discrimination is also there in govt. institutions. Right to education emphasizes on these issues also. Gender biasing and in all these issues somewhere teachers were also responsible. Right to education has defined duties of teachers. One of main duty of the teachers is to provide quality education. Some rules to be implemented were: • Role of community and internet •Community by large •Responsibility of Govt. In the end he made an easy atmosphere and ended the session by wishing all the students. Some questions were also answered by him related to private education and its value. Also about teachers being responsible about biasing issues. In this session we all learned that how important is education for the betterment of society. And one should take measures to make sure that this act is being implemented.

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