Zest inter-college competition

We are very happy to state that AGBS,Chennai MBA II year ( 2010-2012) has won the overall trophy for ZEST''11- an inter college management competition organised by MOP Vaishnav college for women,where in over 12 college teams participated on Monday, 03 Oct''2011.

A. Amitians won the First Prize on Paper presentation-" Indian Business Challenges in 2010 ". The winners were Ms. Sonal Gaba & Mr. Abhinav.

B. The winners of the Corporate/fashion show were the following:

1. Prem Kishan 2. Gunavathy 3. Satish 4.Priyanka Baghmar 5.Nandini 6. Arun

C. In Ad-Zap

amitians got the second place, Mr. Bala, Mr. Deepan, Ms. Janani,Ms. Raja Priya, Mr. Vignesh and Mr. Abhinav

D. Amity student Ms. Priyadarshini was chosen as the best manager

E. The main competitors were from ITM,IIPM,SRM,DG Vaishnav,Mesai-New college among others.

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