Opening of Inter Amity Annual Sports Meet - Sangathan in Amity University Rajasthan

The flourishing uninterrupted another rota of SANGATHAN in its fourth year started with a bright and sunny weather at its peak and the cold breeze announcing the onset of winters, AUR thus, witnessed the curtain raising of Inter-Amity Annual Sports Meet-SANGATHAN. The event was honoured by the presence of the Chief Guest, Maj. Gen J.K. Singhla , Prof. Dr. Raj Singh- Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Amity University Rajasthan , Major Gen B.N Kaul with the entire AUR Family. This is an annual event organised to celebrate birthday of Hon’ble founder Preseident Dr. Ashok K Chauhan. The ceremony began with the Saraswati Vandana, followed by a cultural dance. It was then followed by the hoisting of the National Flag, which embarked the start of the march past. The sports activities of the day began with the 100 meters race followed by a Tug of War between Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, where the undergraduates out showed as winners. Besides this, the day also witnessed the semi-final volley ball match between ECE and CSE where CSE won with a close margin of 21-19. Day 2 started with kabaddi semi finals match between B-tech ECE and MIT in which EC qualified for the finals. In long jump, Ravi Bhushan(EC) stood victorious with a jump of 19.2 feet and in girls, Bhumi Joshi(11.7) secured the first position. . The volleyball Boys semi-final took place in which MBA secured a prosperous victory against AIIT. Day 3 started with 200m race (girls & boys) ,in which Bhumi Joshi and Sanjay Tanwar secured the first position respectively. In the volleyball final B-tech CSE won against MBA. Aalap Mehta won the fourth consecutive gold medal in golf. In 400m (girls & boys) Srishti and Nishant rana won the race respectively. After 4 days of action and excitement, Sangathan 2011 came to an end with the promise of coming back the next year with more to experience. The morning started with the much awaited cricket match between the staff and the faculty. The day continued with 400m relay, in which CSE and AIB won in the boys and girls category respectively. The day also witnessed a football exhibition match and the prize distribution ceremony. It was graced by Mr. M.S. Chudawat, who was glad to be a part of this affair and congratulated the students for such a wonderful display of talent, expertise and sportsmanship.. The Vice Chancellor of AUR, Dr. (Prof.) Raj Singh, paid sincere gratitude to everybody for their teamwork and praised the efforts put in by the students, staff and the faculty. The day ended on a good and joyous note with the sound of victory and sportsmanship ringing in the air. The winner of all the matches will now play again in Amity University U.P. with the winners from all the Amity Universities around the country.

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