Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi organises meet for teachers on the theme “Role of Teachers in Preserving and Sustaining Culture through Education”

Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi conducted a Round Tble meet for teachers in collaboration with UNESCO on the theme “Role of Teachers in Preserving and Sustaining Culture through Education” on the 12th October 2011 in their premises.

A total of 16 schools of Delhi NCR participated in the meet. The panelists for the meet were the workforce of UNESCO.

Through two interactive sessions the teachers were made aware of the importance of cultural diversity and how they can preserve it through their classes by acknowledging the simple and unique aspects of each culture which is represented in their classes through the students.

A brief documentary based on the issue of cultural diversity was screened with an objective to help teachers conduct exercises in classes for developing positive perceptions and admiration for each other irrespective of cste, creed, colour and regional diversity.

During the discussions teachers were encouraged to streamline their thoughts to deliberate on how they could address the cultural barriers and help the students respect the uniqueness of their friends because of their different cultural origins rather than disdaining them in public. Keeping in mind the current and future generations of our country, which are global in their thoughts and actions and not just restricted to the political boundaries of India, the opinions were even widened by addressing the cultural diversities not only in India but the whole world as well.

The meet concluded with small presentations by the participants in which they displayed their learning and the activities which they would undertake in their respective schools for establishing and sustaining the individuality of each culture thriving in our country.

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