Amity Institute of Psychology & Allied Sciences organises World Mental Health Week

World Mental Health Week was celebrated at Amity Institute of Psychology & Allied Sciences from 10-14 October, 2011. Different events creating awareness regarding Mental Health were organised by AIPS and AIBHAS.

On October 12, World Mental Health Day as a part of the celebration of World Mental Health Week. The theme of the programme was “The Great Push: Investing in Mental Health”. The event was organised at I-2 Moot Court. The programme started with a warm welcome by Faculty AIPS and sharing with them the need to celebrate the Annual Awareness Programme on Mental Health as Mental Health Day. A prayer along with Om chanting by students of AIPS were the initiators to the day long programme.

Prof (Dr.) Abha Singh in her opening remarks enlightened the students with the importance to generate awareness about Mental Health. She emphasized on the need to have a clear view of Mental Health and also that ‘Positivism’ can add utmost value to Mental Health of the Society. She shared the WHO facts with the students that Mental Disorders afflict 5 Crore of the Indian Population, 5% need special care. 20 million people need Mental Health Care. Mental Illness is a Universal Malady. WHO States (2002) - 154 Million People across globe suffer from depression. Every 40 Seconds someone commits Suicide. Indians devote less than 1% of the Health Budget to Mental Health compared to 10%, 12%, 18% in other Countries. She further shared with the students that this is the need of the hour and it is extremely important to ensure “Mind, Body and Soul” enhancement. She insisted on keeping eyes opn, and look around to help others. She conveyed that “We Psychologists owe it to us”. She concluded with a thought by Mahatma Gandhi that “That service is the noblest which is rendered for its own sake”.

After her opening remarks, Presentations on the Facts of Mental Health were made by students of AIPS and AIBHAS along with Faculty members from AIPS on the theme of World Mental Health ‘Investing in Mental Health’. The students presentations were on Facts of Mental Health by WHO along with the everyday investment that can be made in Mental Health.

A skit “Tumhari Zindagi Tumhare Haath Me Hai” on the theme ‘Investing in Mental Health’ was presented by students of AIPS. They showed in the skit that pressure is always a part of an individual life, it is entirely upto an individual to take care of the same and emerge as a winner.

Workshop on ‘Enhancing of Emotional Capital’ was conducted by Ms. Sakshi Mehrotra, Asst. Professor, AIPS. The workshop aimed at sensitizing the participants towards increasing importance of Emotional Intelligence as a construct that is vital to a Positive Mental Health. There were several experiential activities aiming at helping the students in understanding the nuances of emotional capital and how the enhancement of the same can help an individual to lead a healthy life.

Dr. Manas K Mandal, Director, Defense Institute of Psychological Research also delivered Guest Lecture on “Psychology for Tomorrow & Recent Trends”. He highlighted and reflected on envisioning Psychology for tomorrow. He further emphasized on the importance of choosing a career in ones life. He enunciated that a choice of what an individual wants to do in ones life is amalgamation of ones Interest, Ability and Expectation (Personal and Family). He told the students that there needs to be alignment to these areas and then the choice of career needs to be made. He further stressed that Psychology addresses questions related to Life. It was an interactive session in which students also clarified their doubts and information regarding Psychology through Dr. Mandal. He enriched the students with providing them with information and details regarding different domains of Psychology such as counselling, clinical, organizational, educational, research etc. He also emphasized on the importance of understanding ethical issues and promotion of Human Welfare. Further, to conclude, he said that in order to reach heights and do well in the field of Psychology, it is important to ‘Think Differently’.

Dr. Manju Aggarwal, Director, AIBAS, Lucknow also shared with the students the need to spread awareness about issues and also about the need to have a family psychologist, the way we have a family doctor. She spoke about an inherent need to take psychology to the masses.

Prof. N.K. Chaddha, Professor, University of Delhi motivated and encouraged the students to become ‘Doctors for Humanity’ and also said that they as psychologists have the power to do the same. They are the ones who can improve the world and make it a better place to live.

Dr. Rathore, further informed the students about the interplay of Prevention and Wisdom. He said that real wisdom is when we analyze a situation in a positive manner and apply it to humanity.

Ms. Monika Suri, ended the programme with laughter therapy to inform everybody about the importance of laughing in an individual’s life and how it can be a real stress buster in one’s life.

Dr. Anuradha Sharma, Asst Professor, AIPS proposed the vote of thanks and thanked everyone for their valuable inputs and ensured that each one of us will contribute in improving the status of Mental Health in India.

Alongwith the above mentioned programme, one Page Write-up on “Investing in Mental Health” was distributed to sensitize Youth regarding importance of Mental Health in the Behavioural Science Classes across AUUP, Noida which were held on 12.10.2011. Standardized GHQ -12- A measure of Wellbeing was conducted on the students across AUUP during Behavioural sciences classes from 12-14 October, 2011. The same was undertaken to assess the overall level of Mental Health across AUUP.

Separate events were also been organised by AIPS and AIBHAS over the week to celebrate “World Mental Health Week”. A Quiz competition on Mental Health was also organised by students of AIPS. Students from different programmes of AIPS participated in the event.

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