Amity Business School, Amity University Haryana organised a Workshop on ''Developing Stress Free Work Culture''

A half day workshop was organized by Amity Business School, Amity University Haryana on Thursday, 13th October, 2011 on the topic “Developing a stress free work culture” for the students of Amity Business School in particular, and students from various other schools including schools of Journalism & Mass Communication. After a brief introduction about the objectives of the workshop by B K Fatima KankroliWala of OM SHANTI RETREAT CENTRE MANESAR, GURGAON highlighting various events being organized on the event of 75th platinum jubilee celebrations of Brahmakumari movement which began in year 1936 at Hyderabad (sind) presently in Pakistan. The main objective behind the Brahmakumari movement is to bring back values into the society. Mr. Jos Brugman, a senior police officer from Holland, described his experiences of bringing peace in his work & life after joining Meditation school established by B.K in Amsterdam, Holland. His work life in police was full of stress and because of that he could not handle his duties well. He studied psychology for one year in a university to understand the real cause behind his failure to handle stress. At the age of 26, thanks to his friend who introduced him to a meditation school, he learnt about the importance of silence, peace & meditation in one’s life. His concluding remark at the end of his speech was that no one can be successful in his or her career without a peaceful mind. Ms. JACQUELINE BERG, a senior journalist from Holland described her experiences regarding handling stress in a journalist’s life, which is bombarded everyday with enormous amount of information. She described how a competitive mind works in these times of high competition in any field of activity. “First comes the thought than comes feeling”, said Ms. Jacqueline, therefore, to become a leader, which every student of management would like to become, first we need to answer following questions: “ Who am I , “What is my identity?” and “How to control my mind”? “Meditation process as promoted by Brahmakumari movement is sure to bring answers to these questions and bring peace and positivity and hope in one’s life", said Ms. Jacqueline. She also demonstrated the meditation exercise to student & faculty members of AMITY UNIVERSITY HARYANA.

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