Amity Research Centers Going Great Guns The Global Impact of Case Studies and Teaching Notes Produced by Amity Research Centers

Amity Research Centers (ARCs) located at Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Bangalore, develop business case studies for learning. A HQ at Bangalore, overseas functioning of the centers. Case studies produced are registered with European Case Clearing House (ecch) with offices in UK and USA. ecch reported earlier this month, that, there is a healthy increase in the number of copies of ARCs cases ordered by international academia and consultancy firms. Earlier, during January 2010 to March 2011 (15 months), 2414 copies were ordered. The current report shows, that, we are doing better now, for in the last six months April 2011 to September 2011, 2002 copies were ordered.

The geographical spread of organisations ordering ARCs case studies from ecch continues to broaden. In April 11 to September 11, 101 B Schools Organisations representing 21 countries has grown to 163 B SchoolsOrganisations representing 32 countries. 62 new users came on board in the last six months. Pakistan, China, United Arab Emirates, Russia, & Republic of Korea are some prominent additions.

There is a major jump in number of global consultancy firms using our case studies. 15 new consultancy firms have purchased our case studies in the last six months. In addition to our regular buyers, such as, AT Kearney, McKinsey and KPMG, some well known names such as Fimastra, International Air Transport Association, ECC Partnership, & NEVI, Business Network are now in the list of buyers. Cumulative number of ARCs Case Studies and Teaching Notes ordered at ecch now stands at 4416 copies

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