Amity Business School, AUR organised Industry Specific Presentation on Agriculture and Film & Media Industry for its MBA students

Industry knowledge is an integral component of MBA, with this vision Industry Specific presentations become a regular feature of activities. In continuation, on Monday, 26-Sep-2011, the presentations on Agriculture and film & media industry were presented. The activity was organized by Mr. Himanshu Vyas and Ms. Meenal Dadarwal with the student coordinators. The activity was anchored by Mr. Santosh Singh (MBA -III). The 1st semester students spoke about the agriculture industry. Beginning with its evolution and industrialization, the sector was essential for the growth of the country. Agriculture was said to form 6.3 % of the GDP and also that food industry stands 5th in size. Rice and Wheat as core cereals are the major players. Sugarcane and cotton processing technology were also brought to light. Second presentation was given by 3rd sem students on Film and Media Industry. The major part of the presentation included the constituents of film industry, Bollywood and Hollywood, the history of Bollywood movies (Rajaharish Chandra, Alamara, Mother India) along with modern cinema. The functioning, structure and components of entertainment- production process, actor and actress, directors, buyers involved (distributors, exhibitors, satellite rights, music rights) were brought to focus. A study on money flow in the industry producer, distributor and theatre to customer, films produced, tickets sold, worldwide revenues, annual growth rate, average production costs was also done. The activity concluded with the feedback given by the director, ABS, B. N. Kaul. Feedback highlighted the information on how the different companies contribute to the industry as per their size and the revenue share in the agriculture industry. Taking an example of ITC ltd., different initiations in agriculture by the company were highlighted. E- Chopal of ITC is the case study at Harvard University, USA. Regarding the film and media industry, important information on how a film is made, the components and the trend were further explained.

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