Amity Business School, AUR organised an Industry Specific Presentation on Pharmaceutical and Indian Travel & Tourism Industry for MBA students

The industry specific activity on Monday, 17. 10. 2011 commenced with the presentations from MBA-General I and III semester students. The presentations were on : •Pharmaceutical industry - The presentation was given by Vishal Tayal, Pramod Singh, Suhan Mukherjee and Ankita Garg. The industry evolution was explained through the working of different companies from Merck , Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Bayer. The role of the Regulatory body US Food and Drug Administration was given a brief outlook. The products like active pharma ingredients and generic drugs and services included custom pharma services. The growth scenario was shown. The leading pharma companies were discussed and the future prospects were shown. A comparative analysis on Ranbaxy, Cipla and Dr. Reddy’s was also explained with their stock variation charts. The share prices of all major pharna companies were shown at current market price and also a SWOT analysis was done. •Indian Travel and Tourism industry - The presentation as given by Jayant Mittal, Monica, Juhi, Jaikumar, Mohit, Mohd Wasim, Johnson and Govind. The evolution of the travel and tourism industry was introduced with the contribution of its products and services. A video clip of monuments, sites and heritage places were shown. The growth and profitability of the industry was measured with the tourist arrivals in India. A SWOT analysis showed the expectations and what requirements are lacking in the industry. The regulatory issues focused on visa regulations, custom rules, high taxation and lending norms by banks. The HR policies included training, motivation, compensation and talent retention of employees. The best industry practices took into consideration, the benefit to nature, community and visitors. The feedback given by the Director Maj Gen. B.N. Kaul further included addition of sales to the pharma industry with the presentation being given a high applause. Moreover, additional facts were explained on travel and tourism industry.

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