Amity Business School, AUR organised a visit for its students to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur to attend a Workshop on Export - Import and Forex Mechanism

Amity Business School, AUR had organised an educational visit for its MBA students to Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur to attend a National Workshop on "Export – Import and Forex Mechanism". This workshop was attended by Mr. D. S. Rathore, Dr. Shikha Sharma, Mr. Himanshu Vyas and total 29 students (17 from MBA IB 3rd sem. and 12 from MBA Gen. IB specialization) of Amity University Rajasthan. All the participants were formally welcomed by Dr. R R Thakur (Director, JIMJ) followed by few words from Prof. S. P. Garg (Workshop Convener) who addressed us about the theme and schedule for the whole day. Dr. Adarsh Kishore (Chairman, Axis Bank) inaugurated the workshop with his inaugural address. He presented a sound analysis of increasing role of export-import in the world economy with the help of latest and rich data of facts and figures. After a small tea break, 2nd session was started by Dr. Thakur with his small presentation on “Overview of Export-Import and Forex Scenario” for about 20 min. He discussed almost the same as was discussed previously by Dr. Kishore in his inaugural speech except “Forex Scenario” part. After that, Prof. S. P. Garg threw some light on concepts, important terminology related to Export-import and Forex Mechanism, UCPDC and INCOTERMS in his presentation. Before lunch, there was another session taken by Prof. B.P. Mathur on Export important credit mechanism and documentation. He shared his experience with Indian export houses and the mistakes done by them in order to collect their money from their buyers. The session was very enriching due to the presence of some export house’s senior officials and representatives who were discussing about their problems to Mr. Mathur. He was giving his insights on these problems in a layman’s language as few of those officials and representatives were not sound in technical and theoretical foundations of Export import. After lunch, Mr. Mathur gave another presentation for about 30 minutes on operational aspects of Forex mechanism followed by interactive session with participants for next 45-50 minutes. After the interactive session, a small “Exim-Forex quiz competition” was organized for Student participants, Faculty participants and Industry representatives with different set of questions. Winners of this competition received their prizes in the Valedictory session. Shri Rajendra Bhanawat, Managing Director RIICO was the chief guest for this occasion who appreciated the Modern institutions, Colleges and Universities for such kind of events. Mr. D. S. Rathore from Amity University Rajasthan was attending this workshop as a dignitary and formally welcomed by Director, JIMJ in the inauguration ceremony. During Valedictory session, he was invited on the podium to give his valuable feedback. In Quiz competition, our students performed their best. Majority of questions were being correctly answered by AUR students and Chocolates were to given them as a token of appreciation. A moment came when JIMJ Director requested to the Host to ask questions to other institutions’s students but the host was unable as no body from the other institutions was answering the questions. Finally 3 people from AUR, Mrs. Shikha Sharma (Faculty – IB), Ms. Deepeshwari Beniwal (MBA IB, 3rd sem.) and Mr. Ankit Pareek (MBA Gen. IB Specialization) got the prize for maximum correct answers. At last, student participants were asked to share their experience of the workshop. Only 3 students came on the podium and they all were from AUR. (Mr. Abhishek Gomber, Mr. T. Shome, Ms. Chhaya Singh– MBA IB 3rd Sem.). Prof. Garg called others but they didn’t come. During interactions with industry experts, participants were supposed to ask their queries. Mr. Abhishek Gomber asked a relevant question to a higher official from Gravita India Pvt. Ltd. who was unable to answer the question. Mr. T. Shome asked a question related to Bill of Exchange to Mr. B. P. Mathur who resolved his query with many real life cases. Only AUR students were wearing formals. Their active participation during the workshop was highly appreciated not only by JIMJ but also by other dignitaries and participants. Director, JIMJ was highly impressed by AUR’s performance so he expressed his desire to visit AUR campus in the days to come.

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