Amity University Haryana organised ''INSPIRE'' - Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research

‘INSPIRE’ Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research - a five day program has been organized by Amity University Haryana Campus, under the aegis of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, from 02-06 November 2011. The program is aimed at inspiring young minds of India to take up science as a career. Amity University Haryana proudly announces the participation of 299 students from 15 schools of Delhi and NCR. The five day program has been divided into different sessions based on a range of themes relevant to the program. On Day 1, the inaugural session has been graced by the presence of Dr. A. Mukuopadhyay, Sr. Advisor-Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India as Chief Guest and Dr. Shashi Wadhwa, Professor, Anatomy, AIIMS as Guest of Honor, Dr R K Sharma, HOD (Mathematics), IIT, Delhi. During this session, Dr. Mukuopadhyay, gave an inspiring lecture to the future scientists, illustrating the entire INSPIRE program including an explanation of the five components of INSPIRE. To mention, first component is an award to the young students between the age group of 10-15 years in the form of a project, covering every high school of the country. Under the second component Inspire Internships are to be provided to 50,000 students between the ages 16 -18 years, to the top 1% of the class 10th. Under the third component 10,000 scholarships are to be provided for Rs 80,000 per year for five years, to BSc/ MSc level students between the age group of 17-22 years. Under the fourth component 1000 fellowships are to be provided to PhD level students between the age group of 22-27 years. Under the fifth component, on National level, 1000 faculty positions will be provided to the top rankers in any field of Science/ Engineering/Agriculture and medical streams. After that Dr Shashi Wadhwa, shared her thoughts and research work in the field of Neurons and Stem Cells. Key Note speaker Dr R K Sharma as an expert in Algebra and Cryptography meticulously explained many experiments to prove that Mathematics is used in every part of life. During this occasion, Dr R C Sharma, VC Amity University Haryana, Dr S M Paul Khurana, Director Amity Institute of Biotechnology and Dr. Vikas Madhukar, Deputy Director ABS and Director Events, also addressed the future young scientists with inspiring words of wisdom. The concluding session on Day1 was taken up by Dr G S Sodhi, Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science Unit of SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University. He delivered a wonderful talk on Detection of Latent Fingerprints by Nanoparticle size Compositions. On Day 2, the program started with a science movie WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE to inculcate interest towards scientific visualization. This was followed by a talk by Dr A K Bhatnagar, Department of Botany, Delhi University on the theme “Are human being disturbing the private life of plants”. He very well explained about the phenomenon of Pollination and Cross Pollination of Flowers. The second session on Day 2 was on the theme “Biotechnology- achievements and challenges” taken by Professor S M Paul Khurana, Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Haryana. Dr. Khurana explained Biotechnology with many examples and inspired students with his words of wisdom. He also introduced students to the exciting sub-fields in Biotechnology like Fourth Generation Bio Fuel, Adult Cloning, Green Nano Technology, Hybrid fruits and vegetabl etc. After the two technical sessions, students visited three companies viz. Sansera Engineering Pvt Limited (Maufacturing and Exporting Automotive components and crankshaft transmission gears), Adigear International (An Export house dealing in garments and fashion accessories) and Sandhar Components (A recognized manufacturer of quality tubular and sheet metal components in the Automotive Sector) in IMT Manesar in order to get a practical exposure about how things are actually working in industries. These visits were indeed a learning experience for students. Day 3, started with an enlightening lecture on Physics taken by Dr Jagdish Luthra, Dy. Director, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, AUH. Dr. Luthra splendidly covered the important themes in physics like Study of Matter and Light especially Lazer Technology. Then, Dr Monica Chaudhary, Professor & Head of Department of Optometry, Amity Medical School, AUH, explained very interestingly, about contact lenses, low visual aids and the dangers of UV- Radiations to our eyes. She also inspired the school students to donate eyes for the needy ones. The second session for the day was from Mr. Rintu Nath, Scientist, Vigyan Prasar who performed some very interesting innovative activities to inspire the students to take science. He also added that the Department of Technology developed this program in such a way so that these experiments or activities excite the minds of children and inspire them to inculcate interest in scientific activities for the betterment of the world. Then the students visited the laboratories set up in Amity University Haryana Campus. They were divided into six groups for the better learning and experience. They did many hands-on experiments like ELISA and PCR in Biotechnology, Chemistry behind Magic tricks in Chemistry, Newton’s Ring and Plane Diffraction Grating in Physics, Lathe and Milling Machines in Mechanical, and CRO and Electrical Components in Electrical labs. Day 4 witnessed informative lecture on the theme ‘The Planet Earth: What is happening to its surface?’ taken by Professor S K Tandon, Department of Geology, Delhi University. He described that how human beings are damaging the atmosphere and so the Earth. This was followed by very encouraging session taken by Dr CM Nautiyal, Scientist-in- Charge, Radiocarbon Laboratory at BSIP, Lucknow. He spoke on “The World of Isotopes”. He thoroughly explained how Carbon Isotopes help in finding the age of any object. An insight was provided regarding Carbon Dating which is used by Archeologists and other Scientists to determine the age of very old civilization. He also enthusiastically added about the Research Work and Nobel Prize Winners for the attraction of the students towards scientific research. Morning session is followed by Preliminary Round for Quiz Competition conducted by Dr Arvind C Ranade and Team from Vigyaan Prasar. The last session on Day 4 by Dr Pradip Srivastava, Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow, on theme ‘Science Cartoons’ can be considered as the most enjoyable session by students. He threw light on many current problems with the help of cartoons like extinction of different species, air and water pollution, global warming and population of the country. Students responded in an overwhelming way to this session. The final day i.e. Day 5 of INSPIRE program started with a highly interactive session on Cell Biology by Dr Amitabha Mukhopadhyay, Sr. Scientist, National Institute of Immunology, Delhi. During this session excellent demonstrations on Cell Biology have been given to students by his team. This is followed by Quiz Competition conducted by highly talented team lead by Dr Arvind C Ranade from Vigyaan Prasar. Finally, Mr. Jitin Chawla, Director of the Centre for Career Development conducted an interesting and interactive session where he provided invaluable guidance to students regarding various upcoming fields and respective career opportunities. The Five days INSPIRE Internship program was concluded with a grand valedictory session. The occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of Er Anuj Sinha, Director, Vigyan Prasar & Consultant, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India as the chief guest. Dr Neeraj Sharma, Advisor- DST, Govt. of India as Guest of Honor. The other eminent dignitaries present in the session were Prof S Sitaraman, Senior Vice President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF), Maj Gen G S Bal - Principal Advisor to Founder president, Amity University, Prof Dr R C Sharma, Vice Chancellor - AUH. A brief report of the entire program was being presented. After the brief report, one student representative from every school was invited upon the stage to share his/ her experience of this program and their remarks were very encouraging. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr R C Sharma addressed everyone on the occasion which was followed by the addresses of Prof S Sitaraman, Dr Neeraj sharma, Er Anujh Sinha. Amity University Haryana then honored the Chief Guest and the guest of honor for their valuable contribution in the program. The schools who participated in this program were also being honored and the shields were given to the school coordinators for every school that became the part of this program. The entire team of Amity University Haryana including faculty members, administrative staff and student volunteers, were also being acknowledged for their hard work and efforts in conducting and managing this program. The program reached to its conclusion by the formal “Vote of Thanks” speech given by Maj Gen G S Bal. Amity University Haryana was being acknowledged for conducting INSPIRE program. Prof Dr R C Sharma, Vice Chancellor, AUH, was being honored with a shield by the Chief Guest. The program was concluded by the distribution of certificates and bags with kits to all the participants and with High Tea. Amity University Haryana highly appreciates the tremendous support from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, all the participating schools and above all, our young scientific minds in making this five day INSPIRE program a huge success.

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