Department of Science and Technology, Amity University Rajasthan organised a five day internship programme - INSPIRE

A five day internship programme INSPIRE(Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) was organized by Department Of Science and technology in Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur from 16th -20th November, 2011. This platform was an ideal ground to reach out and communicate with the youth of Jaipur and inculcate their interest in science and research. The session was started by Prof.(Dr.) Raj Singh, Vice chancellor, AUR, with a welcome address for the guests and participants from all over the country. On the same note he encouraged the participants to expose themselves to an interdisciplinary culture of research and development. The inaugural session was started with lighting of the lamp with a melodious background of Saraswati Vandana. The session observed the presence of Prof.(Dr.) H.N Verma, Pro-VC, JNU as the chief guest and Prof.(Dr.) S.B Sharma, Head of Pediatrics surgery, SMS Medical college and hospital as the Guest of Honor. The day started of with a keynote delivered by Prof.(Dr.) R. P Singh, Dean (Research), AUR on ' Discoveries in chemistry'. The audience revived their knowledge about the key scientists and their valuable contributions, significantly changing humanity's understanding of science. Dr. S.B. Sharma gave a brief speech on ' Scientific Research-Its uses to Mankind' elaborating the applications of science in the field of medical research. Dr. H.N Verma discussed about the role of 'Youth for Leadership in Science'. He commended the "Youth of India to Be More Intellectually Sound and Inspired Them to Be More Transparent and Goal Oriented". Dr. Verma summed up his talk with a quote by Dr. A.P.J Kalam "The new India will emerge out of the combination of Biotechnology, Biosciences, Agriculture sciences and Industrial Development". A noted Mathematician, Prof.(Dr.) R.K. Sharma, IIT Delhi, an ebullient personality started of with anecdotes of Chachi(Aunty) and Chacha( uncle). With a sense of élan, he ignited the intellect amongst the participants with mind boggling questions and analogically explained a very difficult equation (Euclidean algorithm). It was a privilege to hear Prof.(Dr.) G.S Sodhi deliver his lecture on the topic of forensic science where he highlighted the various methods of identifying fingerprints. He explained how fluorescent nanoparticles have been used successfully to detect latent fingerprints clearly stating the importance and need for technology transfer from lab to industry. The second day initiated with the segregation of the students in groups based on their field of interest. The participants had an opportunity to have hands on experience in the laboratories of the University. In Applied physics lab, they were demonstrated usage of compound pendulum, PN junction diode and experiments based on laws of light like Refraction studies using prism and diffraction grating. The functionality of DTMF based robots and wireless imaging robots was exhibited by Mr. Vijendra Panda, Mr. Sandeep Kumar and Mr. Ankit Kajal. Students were enthusiastic enough to request a repeat session in their respective schools. In Applied Chemistry, the students had an opportunity to learn techniques used in polymer synthesis with the guidance of Dr. Shashi Verma. The group visiting the Biotech Department had an opportunity to interact with Prof. (Dr.) A.N. Pathak, Head Amity Institute of Biotechnology in person who welcomed all participants. Fortunately, the students in this department had a multifaceted exposure in the fields of Plant biotechnology co-ordinated by Dr. V.S. Gour, Fermentation technology guided by Mr. Himanshu Gupta and Dr. D. Bose. The demonstration in the bioinformatics unit was facilitated by Ms. Nidhi mathur. The students' were overwhelmed with the practical exposure they managed in a brief time period and were bubbling with energy throughout the session. A written test was also conducted earlier by Vigyan Prasar to select the top twenty five participants based on their performance. In continuation with the written test, the toppers were exposed to final round of Science Quiz Competition conducted by Vigyan Prasar. Dr. B.K. Tyagi, Senior Scientist from Vigyan Prasar, conducted the competition which encompassed all the subject of science. These questions were related to daily life where science is applied. The noted scientist Dr. Madhu Phull, was present to enjoy the enthusiasm of the students and the contestants alike. The third day of the INSPIRE 2011, started with a session with Dr. Amitabh Mukhopadhay, NII, New Delhi. He gave an animated description of the protozoan pathogen and their mechanism of endocytosis in the host. Thereafter he demonstrated the electrophoresis and microscopy which are the key techniques of biology in identifying the 'culprit' (Parasites). The day saw the presence of eminent Bhatnagar awardee, Dr. Pradeep Srivastav, CDRI, Lucknow whose is also addressed as the father of 'Scientoonics'. He explained "Climate change and global warning" with his signature slides containing science toons. The students in the afternoon proceeded for an industrial visit to 'SARAS', Jaipur where they spent an interesting time understanding the processing of milk and its products. Day four started with a session on 'Fiber Optics' delivered by Dr. Anurag Sharma, IIT, Delhi. Prof. (Dr.) S.K.Tandon Pro-VC , DU, commenced his talk by discussing the problems of the urban environment and explained how geology can monitor each of these problems scientifically. Dr. C.K Seth, Reader, Hindu college, DU had an interesting mix of experiments to demonstrate to the participants. He exhibited laws of thermodynamics using mixture of potassium permanganate and glycerin to elicit fire. He explained the laws related to pressure temperature and volume using simple household items. Last day had a technical session with Dr. Jagdish Rai Luthra from Amity University Manesar, who delivered a lecture on radiation energy. He discussed about nature of light, laser and culminated with the possibilities of time travel. An interactive session was coordinated by Dr. C. M. Nautiyal from Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, with able support of Prof. H. N. Verma, Dr. S. Luthra, Dr. J. R. Luthra, Prof. (Dr.) R. P. Singh and Dr. A. Bhargava. Experts entertained queries from students in their relevant fields including physics, chemistry and biology. Dr. Ajay Rai, Career counselor by Profession, strategically used a questionnaire as a template to focus on key points required to plan a winning career. The five day internship programme was brought to a successful conclusion on Nov 20th , 2011 with a valedictory session. The chief guest for the programme was Dr. A. Mukhopadhyay, Scientist - G, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi. He inspired the students with a quote" When the mind is unwind it is capable of behaving as an atom" having infinite possibilities and opportunities. Anshul Jethalmani, a participant from Seedling school commended the effort unparalleled and said " the knowledge gained in a span of 5 days has acted like a key to unlock the intellect". Sunny Soni, DPS, Jaipur said" INSPIRE has lived up to its name and requested DST to conduct such programmes more frequently". Prizes were distributed to the winner of the quiz competition conducted by Vigyan Prasar. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks by Major Gen. Bal to the organizers, Mr Devadesh Sharma, Dy Registrar, AUR, Mrs Manisha Gulyani and Col. K.V Singh, Director (Admin) AUR. A special shield of appreciation was awarded to Prof. (Dr.) Raj Singh, VC, AUR, on the behalf of DST for successful completion of the programme. The five day internship programme had a turnover of 232 participants from MHS, DPS, Ryan International School, Seedling Public School and Adarsh Vidyamandir, Jaipur. We hope that INSPIRE 2011 Jaipur at AUR has carried forward the tradition of attracting talents towards career with research and innovation and has made valuable contribution to the deliberations of DST.

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