Brig. Chitranjan Sawant VSM (Retd.) delivers a lecture on “Red China: A Success Story” during AIC lecture series at Amity University

Brig. Chitranjan Sawant VSM (Retd.) - Film-maker, Electronic Media Commentator and a Vedic Missionary delivered lecture on “Red China: A Success Story” during AIC lecture series at Amity University. This was the 143rd lecture under the Amity International Centre (AIC) Lecture Series.

In his address Brig. Chitranjan Sawant said that China is ranked as the World second largest economy after USA and its economy has been growing at the rate of 10% over the past 30 years. China is the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods in the World. Brig. Sawant said that China has the ambition of becoming global power and will not directly engage against India in any conflict. Rather it will indirectly fight with India through Pakistan.

While presenting interesting statistics Brig Sawant said in 1 AD, India share in world GDP was 33%, China share was 27% and USA share was 0% and now in 2008 AD Indian Share in World GDP is 6%, China share is 13% and USA share is 21%. While talking on Military aspect, Brig Sawant said that Military expenditure of China is 80 billion US dollor while Indian military exoenditure in year 2008 was 22 billion US dollor. Brig. Sawant said that both Indian and China are nuclear powered country and will not directly attack each other. India has nothing to worry and should have faith in our people

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools, Mr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University, Maj. Gen K.J Singh, Vice Chancellor, Amity University were present during the lecture session.

Senior officials of Amity University were also present during the lecture session.

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