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QS Global Network for Education and Careers

QS was founded in 1990 and steadily became the world's leading network for top careers and education. Their mission is to enable motivated people around the world to fulfill their potential by fostering international mobility, educational achievement and career development. Their targeted approach embraces:

•Focus on the best & most deserving candidates worldwide which includes motivated parents & school leavers, top university graduates, MBAs and Alumni.

QS Asia organises the QS-MAPLE which has been launched in response to great interest from the international education community in holding a major annual forum on the lines of QS-APPLE - QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference and Exhibition - that addresses the fast emerging globalisation of Middle East higher education. The Asian near-equivalent of the US NAFSA and European EAIE annual meetings, QS-APPLE each year brings together approaching 1,000 international education leaders from over 40 countries. Both QS-MAPLE and QS-APPLE have the declared mission of helping to build world-class universities for Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific communities through global partnership and collaboration. International educators of the world form the community that QS serves with a quality of delivery.

How QS bring out the Top Universities of the World Ranking

To reflect the appropriate context, the QS Asian University Rankings are based on an expanded set of evaluation criteria from the first five elements used for QS World University Rankings. These are:

• Papers per faculty

• Citations per paper

• Student exchanges – inbound and outbound

The QS World University Rankings are based on the following elements for success:

• Peer review • International students

• Recruiter review

• Faculty-student ratio

• International faculty

• Citations-faculty ratio

A key objective of QS-MAPLE Conference is to support the advancement of higher educational bodies in the Middle East and Africa in their quest for globalisation and international recognition. The areas of information and debate at the event are crucial to the issues that universities in the Middle East and Africa must address in promoting their position on the world stage. They thus create a natural synergy between the conference and the QS World University Rankings.

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