Amity University honors Mr. Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Mr. Raghav Bahl- Founder & Managing Director, Network 18 Group and Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, National Professor, National Chemical Laboratory with Honorary Doctorate Degrees during the second day of Convocation 2011

Amity University organized its 7th Convocation, spread over three days ie. December 14-16, 2011 at Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

During the second day of the grand Convocation, over 3,662 graduands of Bachelors’ and Masters’ programmes from various institutions including Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management, Amity School of Design and Amity Institute of Nanotechnology received their Degrees and Diplomas

Mr. Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh announced the commencement of Convocation 2011 and Maj. Gen K J Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University presented the annual report outlining the achievements of Amity University, its students, faculty members, staff and others

Blessing and motivating the graduands, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group said that Amity University has fully prepared and equipped its graduands with academic education, industrial know how, soft skils and behavioural knowledge to facilitate their easy entry into the professional world and expressed his hope that all the graduands will scale unparallel heights in their respective fields whether in India or abroad. He urged the graduands to have full faith in themselves and their capabilities which will help them to sail through the journey of life without any turbulence

During the ceremony,Mr. Arun Jaitley was conferred upon the Degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD) Honoris Causa by Amity University for being a visionary leader and outstanding legal luminary who is known for his ability to give voice to views of the common man

Receiving the Honorary Ph D. Degree and thanking Amity University for the honor bestowed on him, Mr. Arun Jaitley- Hon’ble Member of Parliament (RS) said “I am one of those who always believe that grant of education should not be a sole prerogative of the Government. State resources are always limited and therefore, both the spread of education and its quality was restrictive as long as delivering of higher education was considered Government’s exclusive domain. In the last few decades, particularly, we see the difference in quality of education and family of Amity Universities is the prime amongst the institutions which have made this difference,”

Addressing the graduands, further, Mr. Jaitley said, “Convocation Day is a very important turning point in your lives- some of you may be going in for still higher education others may be taking a turn and moving towards a profession or a career. Once you graduate and look ahead, along with the honors and distinctions, comes a very large responsibility and the responsibility is to decide which course you have to follow. There will be many tracks available for you- there are medium tracks, slow tracks and fast tracks and its now, that you will decide which is the track you are going to adopt in order to march or run ahead. Education majorly decides which track you get onto”. “Today, the world is becoming far more competitive, at times far more cruel. You will always find that there is lot of space on the top, it’s only the bottom that is too crowded and therefore, those amongst you who will take the fast track forward will always lead. Today, standards of excellence have become much tougher and the bar has been raised almost by the day. The Standards, which are much higher, are still achievable and those who manage to touch them are the ones who are going to leave their footprints behind”

Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, National Professor, National Chemical Laboratory was conferred the Degree of Doctor of Science (D. Sc.) Honoris Causa for his exceptional vision, deep commitment to research, propagation of scientific enquiry and continuous exemplary efforts in innovating and improving technology.

Thanking Amity University and congratulating the graduands who will be entering the new phase of life, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, National Professor, National Chemical Laboratory said, “ You will be building a new India, we have great expectations from you. Just a decade ago, India was being looked upon as a Third World country and today, the same Third World country is being looked at potentially the third most powerful country and that’s what you are going to make. You have to work very hard to bring laurels to your country.Further talking about the education scenario in the country, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar said, “In today’s era it is very important for an educational institution to provide opportunities for education, research and innovation to its students and faculty members.Education gives known knowledge, research generates new knowledge and Innovation changes that new knowledge into money. Education is just not about knowing, it is also about doing and it is also about being I am delighted that Amity is offering a potent combination of education, research and innovation. This University is giving you not only knowledge, knowing part of it but also is allowing you to do things and most importantly, to be a fine human being”

Mr. Raghav Bahl- Founder & Managing Director, Network 18 Group was conferred upon the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (D. Phil ) Honoris Causa for his sustained inspirational efforts in innovating and improving content and delivery of the print and electronic media.

Thanking Amity University for conferring such a distinguished honor, Mr. Raghav Bahl traced the journey of his life- how he recognized the true calling of his life, the media industry which according to him is a “wonderful cross between the world of intellect and world of Commerce”. Addressing the graduands, he said , “you will face a host of adversities in your life which could be adversities related to physical problems, financial problems, regulatory problems, circumstantial or environmental problems and it’s the ability to get over these adversities successfully that defines an entrepreneur and a successful person.”

During the Convocation, 19 Best All Round Student Awards, 41 Gold Medals, 41 Silver Medals, 27 Bronze Medals and 16 Salvers were conferred upon the brilliant students from various programmes.

Three Corporate awards- “EMC Technopreneurial Award”, “Alcatel Lucent Award for Excellence in Innovation- Telecom (Male)” and “Alcatel Lucent Award for Excellence in Innovation- Telecom (Female)” were also given away

Five PhD’s were also awarded during the ceremony and the proud recipients included Ms. Vandana Chauhan – Doctor of Philosophy in Microbial Technology, Mr. Vipin Mohan- Doctor of Philosophy in Microbial Technology, Ms. Deepika Singh- Doctor of Philosophy in Microbial Technology, Ms. Soumya Bhardwaj- Doctor of Philosophy in Microbial Technology and Mr. Anil Kumar- Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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